Wavo Dubstep Chart: August 2014



We’ve teamed up with Wavo to discover even more new music than we’re already home to. Each month we’ll be checking in with their community to report the hottest trending dubstep and drum & bass tracks have been on their site during the last four weeks.

We’re kicking off with August’s most popular dubstep tracks…

Loaded with some very familiar faces, key players who dominate the list are Zomboy, Protohype and Savant. It’s great to see relative newcomer Virtual Riot taking up several places at the top of the chart, too.

You can check the entire chart right here. Highlights we’ve enjoyed discovering ourselves include…

Space Laces – Dungeons & Dragons

A crucial 8-bit romp with wrap-around nostalgia shades, this one comes as a free download on Space Laces’s Soundcloud too.

IYFFE – Drama Queen


Lush intro, slick first drop, sick main drop… Serious low-end luxury.

Savant – Rise Up

Serious lighter vibes from Savant’s unique Protos album. Those pianos, though.

Nostalgia – New Challenger


High levels of glitchy funky are at play here. Watch out for the flip to 4/4 midway… Oof!

Brainpain – Oheyia

Heard of death trap? You have now… Brainpain lives up to his name: this is not for the fainthearted!

About Wavo

Handpicking crucial crops from every internet pasture, Wavo and its community gather the best new music from all corners… YouTube, Vevo, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and beyond.

The perfect hub for new music discovery, Wavo allows us to follow like-minded music lovers and tailor our own streams with our own personal tastes and share our favourite flavours with the rest of the world. No more switching from platform to platform, loads more new artists you’ve yet to stumble on; Wavo is one of those sites you could lose hours and hours on and, thanks to its constant multi-platform beat harvesting, still keep you coming back for more.

UKF approves. Tune in next month for more new music discoveries.