Wavo Dubstep Chart: September 2014


Playlist power: Wavo return to UKF with a killer playlist of the most popular dubstep-related tracks that have been shared on their site in the past month.

Harvesting the very best new music from every possible corner of the internet – YouTube, Vevo, blogs and beyond – whatever genre inspires and stimulates you the most, the Wavo experience is always on-point as the tracks are seeded by fans and experts in their genre.

Regular UKF listeners will recognise many of these tracks from our own dubstep channel. But there are many cool surprises from other outlets and platforms dotted along the way including….

A killer bootleg of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, the soul-soothing sounds of Kasbo’s Kaleidoscope, the seemingly unlikely – and delightfully epic – combo of Aoki and Flux and no one can deny the serious air guitar potential of Disrobe’s Wolfsbane!

Sit back, press play and enjoy… There are hundreds of tracks listed here. You won’t find a more upfront or inclusive dubstep playlist anywhere else!

Visit Wavo for plenty more in every genre. Here’s Wavo’s drum & bass playlist, too…

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