Who The Hell Are GLXY?


Last week, we uploaded an absolute belter of a track from the relatively unknown duo GLXY.

With bags of production prowess and an EP forthcoming on Limitless Recordings, it’s unlikely that they’ll remain anonymous for long.

The aforementioned upload seems like the best place to start. It’s a tune that’s got lots of people talking – after one listen you’ll understand why…

“I’ve followed the channel ever since I got into electronic music so it’s pretty surreal seeing our track on there,” admits Jonathan, one half of the duo. “I think we both knew we were on to a winner when we produced it, but we didn’t expect it to do this well.”

Tom, the other half, concurs… “When the opportunity came up we couldn’t really believe it. To be on the channel as newcomers alongside the scene’s biggest names is just mad. A few of the comments are from people saying they’re pleased our tune is on the channel which only adds to the buzz, as it shows there are people following our sound.”

But it’s not just YouTube commenters who have quickly realised the potential of this duo and quality of this tune – some of the scene’s heavy-hitters have been chipping in with praise too, reveals Jonathan…

“Hugh Hardie has been really supportive in the last few weeks and Technimatic referenced our EP on their Instagram feed recently which was really cool. Hopefully it means they’re going to play our tunes out!”

When the likes of Hospital hotshot Hugh Hardie and Technimatic are championing an EP from producers in the embryonic stages of their career, you know it’s time to sit up and take note.


Early admiration aside, let’s dig a little deeper into GLXY’s background…

The reason behind the name? They formed at the time trap was massive and many of the genre’s most notable producers tended to omit all vowels from their names, so ‘GLXY’ is a tongue in cheek reference to that.

More importantly, how did they meet?

“We met each other at university in Leicester, where we were both part of the DJ society,” explains Jonathan. “It was quite easy working together at uni but since we’ve graduated it’s a bit trickier finding the time to get together as we live in different places.”

“When we’re working on a track in the same room it never goes as well as when we’re using Dropbox though!” laughs Tom. “That’s probably because we get distracted quite easily when we’re in the same room; we end up listening to other people’s tunes and chatting about random stuff more than actually working.”

University may have been where they met, but it isn’t where their musical journeys began. Jonathan played the guitar and drums before getting into DJing. From learning how to mix, he got his hands on a copy of Fruity Loops and then started to produce more seriously about two years ago. Tom, meanwhile, started using Cubase when he was fourteen.

Coming from different musical backgrounds and taking different paths, who does what when it comes to making a tune?

“I think we both agree that I make the best drums and Jon’s better at the musical side of things and mixdowns,” claims Tom. “We’ve worked together for long enough now to know what our strengths and weaknesses are – which is vital in a duo.”

Now for the big question: where does this duo with masses of potential see themselves in five years time? What’s their goal?

“Ooh, tricky question!” laughs Tom. “In a few years time we’d both love to be signed to a label like Hospital or Spearhead, but to be honest my main personal goal is to be DJing regularly. It’s going to take a lot of hard work but being booked to play in clubs all the time must be pretty sweet, and worth grafting for.”

“Yup, I agree with that!” adds Jonathan. “I love producing but DJing is where my heart’s at. It’s quite a unique feeling when you’re playing in front of a crowd and they’re all waiting for you to make the next move. We’re going in the right direction in terms of learning new things and improving our sound, so hopefully we’ll fulfil our aim in the next few years…”

Watch this space – GLXY mean business.

Digital Souls EP is out on 12/10/15 on Limitless Recordings.