Who The Hell Is Samplifire?


Coming up in the dubstep game is significantly more difficult nowadays. Just ask Samy Beyou. Exposure for new talent isn’t nearly at the level that it used to be and in order to even squeeze into the outer edge of the genre’s spotlight, it requires an immense amount of effort.

Luckily for Samplifre, it seems like an awful lot has been falling his way as of late. From big name artists rinsing out his originals, to collaborating with some of the most nefarious individuals that bass music has to offer, this budding beat-maker appears poised to make his presence felt worldwide.

Armed with a distinct sound and a detectable thirst for carving up unsuspecting sets of speakers, the sky is far from the limit for this rapidly ascending musician, it’s merely the next stop on the elevator. Taking some time off from his master plan to conquer the dubstep universe, Samplifire recently sat down with us and dished out all the juicy details you’re dying to know.


How difficult is it to break into the music industry while attending school at the same time? Does that create any conflicts?

Actually, it’s really hard. You always have to be thinking about both music and school. Most kids in my class just focus on school and other activities that don’t take up much time – tidying the room and stuff like that. So yeah, it’s quite difficult. Even more so when you’re facing strict deadlines for finals and music, because then I have to work nonstop to finish everything. I think I’m a hard worker when it comes to finishing tunes and music, so I try my best. I like to have stuff to do, like playing shows, releasing music, etc. The only downside is that sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

What type of music did you listen as a child? When did you first discover dubstep? And how long after that did you start producing?

I think every artist is influenced by the music they listened to while growing up. For me, when I was younger I used to listen to rap. Eminem and some French rappers you probably don’t know. Then I started playing the piano at 15. About three or four years ago, I discovered dubstep when my dad took me to a rave. Rusko played that night and that was back in the day when dubstep was growing so fast. So that’s where it began for me. I already had FL Studio on my PC at the time, so that was when I decided to start channeling my energy into music.

Shout out to my dad for bringing me to that rave. I think I owe a lot of my involvement with music to him! Even though he was not a musician, he has always supported my music.

Define your sound…

I really started to grow as a producer last year. My signature sound is a good balance of riddim and heavier stuff, I guess. I started to gather up all those sounds and create a new flow/style from it. More of a trappy flow, big 808’s, huge drops, but with sounds less aggressive than some of my older, angrier stuff. I think more artists are heading in that general direction, producers like Phiso, MurDa, and Oolacile.

Some of my collabs from last year also helped me get some great exposure. I was inspired by every person I worked with, so when I would make new tunes afterwards, I always draw on their tips and advice to improve the mixdown, the flow, or anything else.


It’s no secret that Misty is one of your most popular tunes to date. Tell us about the VIP…

It’s actually a VIP from both Downlink and myself. Honestly, I’m still wondering how the heck it happened. If somebody had told me a year ago that I would be making a song with Downlink, I wouldn’t have believed it. If you haven’t heard the tune yet, definitely go give it a listen.

You’ve also got a forthcoming release lined up with SMOG Records. How did that happen? And are you looking forward to working with some larger labels in the future?

Yeah, for sure. I mean, it’s good to have a big release as a producer because it helps you become a better professional. When you play shows and stuff like that, if you only have unreleased stuff on your SoundCloud, it’s not the same as if you have a big release planned on a major label like Uplink or SMOG.

As for the SMOG release, it’s Insecure. 12th Planet sent me a message on Twitter basically asking me if the track was unsigned and if I’d be interested to include it on their forthcoming compilation. So it’s only the one tune, but I’m still a bit amazed.


If you could construct an official remix for any three musicians, which three would you choose? And why?

The first one that comes to mind is obviously Skrillex. That’s probably not the answer you initially expected, but most producers recognize that he is still on top and is super creative. He’s been a true inspiration to me since day one. So doing an official remix for him would be insane. After him, a dubstep choice would be Phiso, because EVERY tune he puts on his SoundCloud is unreal. I’ve also been feeling Herzeloyde. He’s not exactly a trap artist, but he basically creates beats that span every genre. Very vibey stuff. These are the three coming to my mind, but there are tons of super talented producers right now that I’d love to remix or collab with!

It’s become nearly impossible to attend a dubstep show without hearing some Samplifire. How does it feel to receive a tremendous amount of support from your fans and peers alike?

Producers like Midnight Tyrannosaurus, 12th Planet, and Excision started to play my stuff in their live sets last year. It’s crazy for me to watch my tunes get played out everywhere. I’m kind of still amazed by the support I got last year and I’ll do my best to gain more support this year. It’s obviously a great feeling, I’m very grateful that they play my music. I still send out the plates to everyone whenever I can. It definitely drives me and keeps me motivated.

What part of France are you from? Tell us about the area.

Yeah, I come from Brittany. It’s an area located in the west part of France. The city where I was born and raised is called, Brest. I definitely enjoyed my childhood there. This year I moved to Grenoble, which is in the Alps. So now I live about an hour away from the big ski station, which is really cool. I study computing and math as well, but when I have free time, I try to go skiing. The mountains here are enormous and everything is so spread out

I’m from the states myself. Can we expect to see you touring over here anytime soon?

Yeah, I’ve actually been talking to my agency, shout out to 193 records. I received a decent amount of bookings for the U.S., but to do a full tour run, you need to receive a bit more. So once I can secure enough bookings, I definitely plan on visiting. Coming from France, you have to be able to lock down at least 4-6 solid shows for a tour. So hopefully I’ll be able to line up enough shows and get over there soon.

What does the future hold for Samplifire? Any big developments? 

I have a three-way collab with Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Code: Pandorum that’s in the works. I also have some awesome collabs with Subject 31, Oolacile, Murda, Dack Janiels, and plenty of others that I can’t even discuss at the moment. I’ve also been wanting to do a solo EP because it’s been awhile. I think people would enjoy that more than collabs, collabs, collabs. So my first priority is to finish a full EP and line up a release. I’ve been getting too used to collabs, and sometimes I prefer to just try new things on FruityLoops by myself. My new stuff is quite different from the old Samplifire, but it’s still dubstep. I’m thinking about trying some jump up and beats as well. Maybe even some bass house.

Finally, I have to give big ups to my team in France, my family for always supporting me since day one, and everybody else who continues to support and listen to my music.

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