Who The Hell Is Tatora?

Anonymous aliases have become something of a tradition for Artificial Intelligence’s Integral imprint.

First came Dawn Wall in 2015. Then came Mohican Sun in 2016. Both have gone on to create their own label Ekho and while many scurrilous rumours abound, their identities have never been revealed or confirmed.

Now, in 2020, another mystery artist has joined the fray: Tatora. He/she lands this week with a two-track single Believe / Bank Pages. We know that they’re already an established artist. We know they’re already part of the Integral family. But that’s all we’re getting so far.

Intrigued, we asked to send them some questions to try and work out who Tatora is/are. Seems they’ve been interviewed by us before, that more music can be expected soon and they hope we’ll never find out their identity.

One thing is certain, the music is beautiful. Another key tradition for Integral. Here’s what we know:

Tatora you mysterious entity… How has your lockdown experience been?

It’s not that bad…

What do you miss most from the ‘old’ normal? 

Nothing. Our world is too crazy and it’s only getting even worse…

This anonymous thing. Have we ever spoken on this site in your already established capacity?

Yes, we have.

I imagine the freedom of a new anonymous alias is the best aspect of a project like this?

Yeah, it’s a new beginning.

I guess that’s what Blank Pages is all about?

Definitely, it’s perfect title to announce the project with.

Is this a huge stylistic jump for you or more of an outlet because you’re in such a prolific state?

I’d say both. It’s also not the only alias apart from a ‘main’ one that I’m doing.

What can we expect to hear from you next?

A full EP on Integral.

You’re one of a growing collection of anonymous aliases associated with Integral. Do you all know each other’s secret identities? Do you get together like some deep D&B Justice League?

Maybe. But we don’t get together lol.

If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

I wish I had gills to be able to live underwater. I’d love to explore the beauty of what’s down there.

These anonymous interviews are always odd. How has this been for you?

It was kinda funny because I know you, and you don’t know who you’re speaking to.

Lockdown times are always odd. Tell us about a piece of music that’s soothed your soul during all of this…

Viewfinder by Sam Gellaitry. The whole Viewfinder Vol.1 album by him to be honest…

Will we ever learn who you are?

Don’t think so…

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