Who The Hell Is Rossella Blinded?

Didn’t see this one coming…

All Trap Music have ignited the new year with a remarkably sharp dubstep kick. It comes courtesy of label newcomer Rossella Blinded who’s successfully tapped into the boundary-free flow between trap and dubstep with the right balance of vocal soul, rap edge, 808 funk and bassline muscle. It comes backed with a tradition trap heater Rabbit Hole that’s laced with barbed bars from Philly MC Ryshon Jones.

Intrigued, we called her up and found out more. Turns out she’s a massive bass head, a fastidious perfectionist and a bit of a D&B head on the side. Get to know…

Are you based in LA or Milan?

Both. Last year I spent almost the whole year in LA, this year I’m in Europe more. It depends on the gigs.

Take us back to the start…

I started in an all-girl bass music collective playing dubstep and drum & bass in 2012. Then I went solo in 2014 as a Rossella Blinded. I went on a bit of a musical trip. First trap music, then hip-hop now this year I’m on a mission to explore more dubstep sounds but with the trap and hip-hop. But to be honest? I’m still a very new producer, I’m learning every day. It took me a year to make this EP. Three tracks but a very long process. But it takes as long as it takes, right? It’s very personal for me, it has to be the best I can do. I trained as a singer before I learnt all this. I’ve started from scratch and it’s a long ride.

These things take time!

Exactly. I really needed to get the right balance. I love the way genres have merged now. Everythings is mixed with no boundaries – trap and dubstep and hip-hop are all bubbling away and you can make what you want from them. You can make it a lot more personal. Some labels don’t like this – I’ve had a lot more labels telling me to be more precise about the genre or category it is and want certain sounds. That’s not personal. So I waited and spent more time until I met All Trap Music who gave me freedom to do what I wanted on the EP.

Biggups All Trap Music

They respect individuality. They don’t want to go down the same paths that a lot of labels feel they have to. There’s too much similarities and samey rules – labels asking producers to sound like certain sounds and singers to sing in certain ways. Too many rules. I prefer to explore what I love and create what I love and express myself.

Blind is you going back to your roots isn’t it? I know you’ve supported Datsik and Zeds Dead in the past and there’s a really old Skrillex bootleg of yours knocking around online…

Yes 100%. Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Datsik – all those guys got me into electronic music. I’m feeling a lot more melodic dubstep right now, too. It’s all about finding that right balance between the drop, the vocals and the hook. When it all comes together there’s so much energy. It’s hard to beat.

What’s next?

I’m working on the new EP and hope it doesn’t take so much time. I have a lot of shows coming up in Europe, then a tour of Asia then in summer I’ll be back in LA. I love the US, it’s very magical. People love trap and bass a lot there. In other countries there are more fans of dance and EDM and less bass music fans. US and UK are my dream places to play because the crowd love the bass and know the music so much you can really go wild…. And maybe even get away with some drum & bass too!

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