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A few months back we interrogated the crew at Disciple Recordings. Eager to know how they established such a strong brand in the space of a year, we gleaned serious insight into their approach and their attitude… The hard work it took laying the foundations and the commitments necessary to maintain momentum once the ‘launch’ button has been pressed.

This momentum has increased since last Tuesday as the Bristol-based label has now developed to offer a fine line in apparel. And their intention is that every stitch mirrors the quality of the music.

Barely Alive Tee Female

“We don’t want to come across like a record label that happens to sell clothes as well,” states label co-found Rossy. “The idea is to be a brand that sells both great music and great clothes.”

A wishlist mission since inception, Rossy sought advice from a very reputable source… Inspector Dubplate. Inspected garms have done so well they’ve now opened their own London store.

“That was so helpful,” states Rossy who’s been sketching the ideas for clothing logos for over a year. “We were introduced to the best printers and distributors straight away. We’ve got customised labels and tags… The quality has to be high!”

High and limited. In the case of their ace collaborative t-shirt with Firepower Records, only 50 have been printed and, Rossy promises, this design will never be printed again.

DXFP Close Up

“It’s the same approach we have with the music,” he explains. “Collaborating is much more fun… Bringing in different ideas and influences. We’ve got so many great plans for the near future.”

Keep your eye on their store over the coming months. As the seasons get colder, their clobber’s set to get even hotter.

hoodie DXFP female King Tee Male

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Right now we’ve got one of every item to give away to one lucky winner anywhere in the world. One hoodie, three tees. Male or female. All you need to do is enter your name and email address below. You have until Monday August 4 to enter!

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