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We always talk about feeling the bass. But unless you’ve parked yourself right inside the sub woofers at a club or festival, crippling your ear drums and your future enjoyment of music with every note, we rarely do.

Until now…

The SubPac is a totally unique, and ultimately physical, piece of kit that can be enjoyed by music fans and producers alike. Placed between your back and any chair on the planet, it allows you to literally feel the low end frequencies through your bones almost silently.

For music fans it adds a whole new immersive edge to your enjoyment, shedding light on low end dynamics you didn’t even know existed. Tried and tested beyond straight up music listening, a SubPac can enhance games and movies, too.

For producers it means you can perfect the sub bass and frequency responses between 5hz and 125hz without any noise complaints whatsoever. Meaning when you will know exactly how this will be felt in a club before you drop it. Lightweight and portable, it also means you can do this from your mobile studio wherever you find yourself in the world.

Words can only go so far, though. SKisM’s reaction describes the SubPac experience better than any series of words possibly could…

SKisM isn’t alone: SubPacs have been rated and recommended by artists in every possible genre worth shaking to. Everyone from George Clinton to Richie Hawtin has endorsed and supported them. Naturally bass music artists have been all over these babies… Mala, Pinch, Excision, Om Unit, Plastician, Datsik, Kode 9, FreQ Nasty, Phaeleh, V.I.V.E.K are just some of the great bass-related names who’ve enjoyed SubPac’s tactile audio experience so far.

One of the biggest ambassadors of the SubPac, however, are Truth. We’ve interviewed them three times this year so far. Every time we’ve spoken they’ve taken time to mention the SubPac in conversation. FACT:  Their track 30,000 Feet was written on a plane on a laptop using nothing but decent headphones and, you’ve guessed it, a SubPac.


 Truth_Hollow World

The love goes both ways…

Truth on SubPac:

We’ve been following the SubPac since their Kickstarter campaign in March 2013. We started tweeting links to the campaign. They started re-tweeting our posts. It turned out they really like our music!  We met up at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival where we got talking about our mutual love of bass.  We got to test out the SubPac and we were blown away.  

At the time we were both apartment dwellers in San Francisco, and this seemed like the ultimate tool to avoid pissed off neighbours banging on the ceiling at 4am. Since then, we have the SubPac set up constantly in the studio and use it to reference all our mix downs, including for our last album Hollow World, and our new Undeniable EP. 

One of the things which struck us having used a studio sub for years is that the SubPac is not affected by the conditions of the room. It is consistent wherever and whenever used and It allows for an added depth and fidelity of sub within the mix. One of the biggest things the SubPac has enabled us to do is to write music effectively while on tour. We make bass-oriented music, we also tour a lot, so this has been crucial. Our conclusion after living with the SubPac a year?  Simply put, we love everything about it!

SubPac on Truth:

At SubPac we work with bass. Deep, physical and immersive bass that flows throughout the body and creates a feeling that music simply heard cannot do. And so do Truth. 

The SubPac crew are all fans of bass Music but we have a special affinity for dub oriented bass music: The deep body shaking low end, the spacious and ever-shifting soundscapes in the mids, and the psychedelic swirling of phased hi-hats on the top end… Truth crystalize this vibration for us. Their music  brings a power, beauty and unpretentiousness that references the music of the forefathers Tubby, Perry and Scientist as much as it is shaped by the modern day tools used to reproduce the music they make  – Sound System technologists like PK Sound, Funktion1, and Void. 

We’re proud and honoured to be pioneering the new paradigm of Tactile Bass that Truth use to navigate their journeys into outer bass and we count them as both collaborators but also as close fam. They say that ‘Truth cannot be hidden’. We hope that the SubPac helps expedite that process….Big love from the SubPac crew.  

This deep bass bromance goes so far, Truth are one of the elite league of acts to have their very own branded SubPac S1 to give away to their fans.

Only five of them exist… And they’ve decided to give one away right here on UKF!

All you need to do is enter your name and email address in the entry box below by October 30 and you could be in with a chance of winning one of these highly limited products.


  • These products look incredible, I would kill to experience one of these, love my bass but restricted in my household for true audio. Cheers for the chance!

      • I am in Derby, United Kingdom. I see you have a London office but this is quite the commute for a demo, perhaps swing by on my way to Fabric or if I fancy a spending spree 🙂

  • I tried out the Subpac S2 recently at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and it is sweet! They have one on display to try out and I liked it so much I ended up buying one. Great job subpac! It is cheaper here than from the manufacturer: chucklevins.com/products/subpac-s2-seatback-tactile-bass-system.html

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