YOUKF: Friction


YOUKF… A chance for YOU to quiz the biggest DJs. This time we’ve collared Shogun Audio bossman Friction.

Neck-deep in studio science, this week sees the release of his third Vs volume. Four cuts deep, it features hook-ups with Dimension, Prolix, Metrik and Ulterior Motive. We supported the Dimension double-up a few weeks back…

“The Vs series has been great to get to just have a bit of fun in the studio with friends,” he tells us. “There’s no plan or agenda; we’re just writing D&B intended for the dancefloor.  You can hear that in the tunes – they’re all dancefloor but we go from classic liquid vibes to really hard stuff. I love how it’s come together.”

As revealed below, his next solo release is coming together, too… After two years of tinkering and fine-tuning.

Find out more – including his very first DJ name – below. Thanks to everyone on Twitter for contributing questions!

Huge fan of your music, nice of you to do a Q&A. Do you have a favorite track or tracks at the moment?

(3REEE 6ITY ‏@treeecitybeats)

“My pleasure! My favourite track at the moment? Good question. I don’t want to be that guy who only supports music on his own label so I’ll say the Calibre remix of Breakage’s new single Future. It’s awesome! Another one that I’ve been spinning heavily on my show is Throwback Therapy by Fixate on Exit. It’s incredible.”

What is your favourite D&B song of all time?

(c a d e ‏@Ca__de) 

“Of all time? Flipping heck! Well the first tune that got me into drum & bass and jungle and blew me away was Adam F – Brand New Funk. It’s one of those tunes you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It takes you on such a journey, it’s so different and was revolutionary at the time. It was a whole different vibe back then with classic samples. So yeah, I’ve got many favourites but I’ll go with this.”

Have you been practicing any new aerobic shapes to throw this summer to top last year’s Friction lean?

(Chris Evans ‏@Chris0Evans)

“Well I did have a slight injury a few months back. But, like any good footballer, I’ve hit the gym hard. I’m always looking for new ways to perfect the lean and display some different variations for festivals this summer. Keep your eye out for all my latest moves.”

At what angle does a lean become a Friction lean?

(Hurley @MyNameIsHurley) 

“Oh easy. Anything over 45° is lean territory.”

What’s your shoe size?

(Max Liedekerken ‏@LiedekerkenMax)

“Not sure why anyone would want to know this! But it’s nine and a half.”

How many swing n bass tracks do you own?

(Mista Trick ‏@MistaTrick)

“If you swing and bass means that funky triplet-feel I own a fair few. Body Rocks by Andy C and Shimon being one of the most obvious. Tracks like that are great for switching the dynamic on the dancefloor, I own quite a few.”

Are you coming back to Prague for Let It Roll festival this summer?

(Salomon ‏@SalomonPopp)

“I’m very much hoping so! The winter festival was amazing and it was where we shot the video for my track with Dimension. I’ve got a lot of love for Prague and Let It Roll. They know how to party!”

What’s more important to you: the musicality (I.e. composition/chord progression)of a track or a filthy bassline?

(J Halo ‏@DJHalo)

“It depends. I’m very much into my straight-up, nasty physical drum and bass, but I also really appreciate great musicality and melodies and chord progressions. That’s what makes D&B so strong – having that range of elements and styles all in one genre. When it comes to just smashing up the dancefloor then filth is a priority but if I’m sitting in the studio or just want ot listen to something then musicality is essential. Both are important!”

Do you plan to ever bring a Shogun night to Los Angeles? Or the US?

(Not Human〣(❍ω❍ʋ) ‏@PineappleUndies)

“We’ve been talking about this a lot. The US scene has definitely been a lot more open to D&B in the last year; the scene has grown back again really nicely. I’ve been playing a lot of the big shows like Nocturnal Wonderland and EDC and it’s been great. The atmosphere has been incredible – the crowds are feeling it! So yeah, it’s definitely something we’d love to do for sure.”

What was your first DJ name?

(Alex G ‏@gibgibgib1)

“Oh man. I’ve kept this secret for ages. I’m going to have let this one out… It was DJ Dread. It was really random and so ironic – I was a clean cut, middle class school boy in my little tops and Ralph Lauren shirts. A public school boy type vibe with a name like DJ Dread? I was asking for trouble. I think someone is baiting me out here! Nice work!”

How long does it take for you to ‘be happy’ when finishing a track?

(Soundz Familia ‏@SoundzFamilia)

“I’m never ever totally happy with a track! It’s taken me a long, long time to feel comfortable producer. I was always primarily a DJ. But during the last five years I’ve spent all my time in becoming a producer in my own right. I didn’t want ghostwriters or engineers – I wanted to get to the level where I can write and engineer a track myself. It’s taken a long time and I’m still never 100 per cent satisfied with the finished track. My next solo single has taken me two years and I’m just about ready to let it loose… Just about, haha!”

What do you feel when your play or listen to D&B music? And why D&B and not another genre?

(☾ TripleDé @Zirconico )

“When I was younger all my friends were into rave and jungle so that was my first raving experience and it never left me. I was instantly captivated by the DJ and the art of mixing and I always felt DJs went in extra hard with jungle and D&B. I’ve always loved house and other genres and styles but the D&B element was what I loved. It was the only thing for me. I just love the music and can never imagine not having D&B in my life. I love it. I guess that why I can do a radio show, A&R a label, make music and DJ every weekend – I’m happy with it being in my life 24/7!”

How’s the rash buddy?


“Oh dear. How’s yours, Hatch?”

Can you comment on the gully gash massive?

(Seb Skankandbosh ‏@skankandbass)

“The GGM as I like to call them on the radio – for standard broadcasting reasons – are an unstoppable force. I’m looking forward to their debut EP, which I’ve been waiting to hear for five years now…”