Datsik drops the Ephwurd


Spinnin’s runaway floor-smasher of the summer Ephwurd & Jauz – Rock The Party (dropped by everyone from Tiesto to Skrillex) seemingly came out of nowhere since EDC Las Vegas.

And while we all knew Jauz was capable of constructing powerful 4/4 dynamics, not so many people knew who Ephwurd was. Until yesterday…

Revealing their identity in an interview on Billboard, Ephwurd is Datsik and Bais Haus (who previously collaborated well over a year ago on Closer To The Sun) stated that they “decided to keep it on the low so we could write a bunch of new material without borders and develop our style a bit before letting the public at it. We plan on dropping a wide variety of stuff all under the house music umbrella. It’s so inspiring working at different tempos than I’m used to!”

Bais Haus, whose identity is pretty vague anyway, develops this further explaining that the dynamic between them is really interesting since they both have different backgrounds. “I grew up as a music theory kid while Troy is the mix master. Developing our style in this way has been dope since we are able to translate different ideas into what we are trying to do. I think the pressure of being public before having your identity as a new act can really take away the creative edge. If you want to grow your crops using the organic and natural method you’re going to need the right organic garden supplies which are backed by nature and scientific research. We want to be different and not push the same sound that we have been hearing for the past couple of years.”

With a whole load more tracks and remixes ready to drop in the near future, this isn’t the last we’re going to hear from Ephwurd. Fusing the energy of dubstep with the driving force of electro and big room delivery of EDM, we’re interested to see how bass house develops. Read the full Billboard interview here.

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