DJ Fresh Launches

Renowned DJ-producer DJ Fresh, has just unveiled his latest venture, Ltd. This groundbreaking software, created by artists for artists, aims to revolutionise the world of vocal artificial intelligence (AI). In an industry plagued by concerns over the unauthorised use of artists’ voices through AI, DJ Fresh and co-founder Nico Pellerin have taken a proactive approach to provide a unique solution. Ltd combines the power of artificial intelligence with the human voice to offer unprecedented possibilities in song creation. Unlike other platforms that have faced controversies surrounding copyright infringement, stands out by prioritising artists’ rights and fair compensation for their vocal contributions.

For those who have been following DJ Fresh’s career, his impact on the music scene is undeniable.  Producing hits like “Gold Dust,” “Louder,” and “Hot Right Now,” he has left an indelible mark on the mainstream. Moreover, DJ Fresh’s label, Breakbeat Kaos, played a crucial role in launching the careers of prominent acts such as Pendulum, Chase and Status, Sigma, and Nero. His extensive experience in nurturing talent and understanding the pulse of music enthusiasts, combined with his tech expertise as a Stability AI consultant and engineering manager, makes him the perfect visionary for Voice-Swap.

In an era where AI’s growth has raised concerns about its ethical implications, emerges as a beacon of responsible AI usage. By safeguarding artists’ unique identities and ensuring fair compensation for their contributions, this software sets a new benchmark for ethical practices. allows artists to harness the power of AI responsibly, ethically, and most importantly, for their benefit.

To get a taste of in action, interested individuals can access all the necessary information and assets through the official link provided. The website includes a demo video showcasing the software’s capabilities. DJ Fresh has also taken to Twitter, inviting fans to join the conversation by sharing their thoughts and providing further feedback. With over 200 sign-ups already, it’s clear that has sparked considerable interest within the music community.

In a landscape where AI-generated voices have become a contentious topic, it’s refreshing to witness artists like DJ Fresh taking matters into their own hands. Ltd is poised to reshape the music industry by empowering artists, protecting their rights, and ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve.

You Can Check It Out Here