Fred V & Grafix Split

Shocking news from the Hospital HQ: Fred V and Grafix have announced that they are parting ways to pursue their own solo projects.

The break was announced with this video on their social media.

Signing out from 10 years of collaborative service, during which they’ve released three albums and many singles and EPs, as the video clearly shows; the split has been on good terms, they remain friends and they look back fondly on what they’ve achieved together.

Fred V: “After completing our initial three album Hospital deal it feels like the Fred V & Grafix journey has been nicely concluded. We’ve had an amazing journey together travelling the world doing what we love, thanks to our fans. The next chapter in both of our journeys seems incredibly exciting right now. We’re both exploring quite different sounds with our solo projects and we have a lot of new influences which we’ve only recently been properly inspired by. Watch out for our new releases in January, they should give you a good idea of our new musical directions!”

Josh Grafix: “We’ve been working together for 10 years roughly, anyone who’s in a duo can agree that’s a long time. Naturally, our tastes in music and vision for the project just started to drift over the last year, so we naturally came to the agreement that we would move forward solo – we are still good friends, it wasn’t a hard decision. It kind of feels like we are picking up where we left off too as some people will remember we used to be solo producers before FVG. It’s going to be a really exciting challenge for us moving forward, and I’m definitely ready for it.”

The news lands at the end of Fred V & Grafix’s quietest year of releases. Besides remixing Camo & Krooked and appearances on Sick Music 2018 and Hospital’s Forza Horizon album the duo have been noticeably quiet. Now we know why. But with the promise of new solo material from  them both in January it seems like one cinematic party is over and another one has started. We wish them both the best of luck!

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