R.U.M to launch new label – Outline Audio

Rising Leeds-based artist R.U.M has just revealed a brand new label: Outline Audio

The label was revealed earlier this week on social media and it kicks off in earnest in November with a four track EP with productions from Nooch, Objectiv, Resslek and R.U.M himself.

“I want to outline my favourite music and really celebrate what it is about this music I love,” says R.U.M who previously co-ran Bare Necessity Records. “That’s the literal definition of outline is – when you outline something you show it off and it stands out more. That’s what I want to be able to do. I want to show it off and outline the music.”

Hungry for a new challenge and total creative control, R.U.M (real name Tom) has been developing the label concept for the last year and explains how he’s looking for a project with complete creative control and a platform he can build for forward-thinking minimal, underground bass music.

“I’m starting with the minimal side of things but at the end of the day I’m looking for real stand-out sounds,” he explains. “If I find something really weird and cool but still on those deep low frequency vibes then I’m all over that. Something you listen to and get really into but also shakes the hell out of your chest… That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?”

That’s what it’s all about for the launch release. Dropping in November, the tunes come from a very, very respectable new-generation cast as Nooch, Objectiv, Resslek and R.U.M all deliver some very wonky goods. The tracks are expected to roll out over the coming weeks and the release itself will be a free download.

“I’m giving it away for free because I want people to know what Outline Audio stands for. It’s like a statement,” says Tom. “All the guys involved have trusted me with some outstanding beats, I want to do right by them and really honour the music.”

Explaining that Outline Audio releases will be bimonthly to give him enough time to promote each release properly, Tom reveals that the forthcoming releases include a single from Objectiv and a VA featuring a whole host of exciting new-gen talent including Creatures, Kidsonic, Division and Resslek. Both of which will land early 2023.

“There’s so much music out there that’s not getting out there properly or being heard by the right ears or played by the right DJs,” says Tom who’s been planning the label for a year and refuses to rush. “I want to promote music meaningfully and properly. Not just hammer out music month after month. Music keeps on getting played, it doesn’t stop after a week so why stop promoting it after a week?”

The promotion starts now. Follow Outline Audio’s socials linked below and start counting down the weeks before the first release is given away. We’re excited to hear what comes next…

Outline Audio: Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram