Run Da Riddim Release Debut Album

On Friday, June 2 we see the Release of Run Da Riddim’s debut album, ‘Sounds Of The Jungle.’ This powerhouse collection features the finest talents including Euphonique, Scuffed, and the visionary founder Calum Leighton. Although tragically taken from us far too soon, Leighton’s legacy lives on through this awe-inspiring project.

Rooted in a profound sense of passion and driven by an indomitable spirit, Run Da Riddim was the brainchild of the prodigious talent, Calum Leighton. Initially honing his skills at the iconic Revelations event in Bath, Leighton was a rising star who showcased immense potential. However, his promising journey was cut short when he lost his life in a tragic car accident on August 21, last summer which also killed his two friends Lawrence and Joe. This devastating loss occurred just a day after the official launch of his label, following a summer day party.

His posthumous release, ‘Masterpiece,’ instantly captured the attention of the drum and bass community, receiving resounding support from industry heavyweight Laurie Charlesworth on DNB Allstars Radio and also found a place in the Drum&BassArena playlist, amassing tens of thousands of plays and earning the admiration of DJs across the bass music spectrum.

The radiant flame of Leighton’s vision is now carried forward by Run Da Riddim. Guided by his motto, “Let’s make jungle massive again,” the project began as an event promoter and collective of artists in 2022, with their latest event taking place at Bristol’s revered rave hub, The Clock Factory. However, it was always destined to evolve into a full-fledged label. Today, the reins are in the hands of Leighton’s friends and fellow artists, including co-founder Olly Ley and his own father, Andrew Leighton. Together, they are determined to ensure that Leighton’s brilliance continues to shine, and his influence lives on.

The journey commences with the release of ‘Sounds Of The Jungle.’ Beyond being a mere tribute this album is an exuberant celebration of the new generation of artists who are leaving an indelible mark on the UK’s bass soundscape. Showcasing the talents of Leighton’s kindred spirits and fellow graduates from Bristol’s prestigious audio schools, dBs and BIMM, ‘Sounds Of The Jungle’ represents a snapshot of futurism, hope, and invigorating dancefloor energy.

Embracing the rawness and honesty of the original jungle sound that captured the imagination of UK dancefloors three decades ago, each artist on Run Da Riddim’s roster adds their own contemporary spin and style to the tracks. Op Breaks, H3, and TOFA- all residents of Run Da Riddim, shine on this release, while esteemed artist Euphonique and exciting newcomer Scuffed make guest appearances, further elevating the album’s dynamism.

The album culminates with a captivating rendition of ‘Masterpiece,’ featuring the vocals of Marns. ‘Sounds Of The Jungle’ bears witness to each artist pouring their heart and soul into their creations as a testament to Leighton’s enduring legacy. This emotionally charged collection marks the beginning of an exhilarating journey for the label. It is a journey that merges the roots of the past, the energy of the future, and the everlasting legacy of a sorely missed young talent, creating something far greater than the sum of its parts.

As well as this releases in a touching commemoration, the Clock Factory in Bristol will the stage for ‘Leighton’s Rave Party – a tribute to Calum, Joe, and Lawrence,’ marking a year since the tragic loss of these three vibrant souls. As the first official tribute event dedicated to the trio, it aims to honour their memory while celebrating their passion for music. Taking place on Saturday, August 19, at the venue where it all began this event holds profound significance for the community that rallied around the trio.  50% percent of the event’s profits will be equally split between to two deserving charities, Brake  and Wiltshire Treehouse. As the party starts a wave of solidarity is expected to wash over Bristol, reminding us of the everlasting impact of these three remarkable individuals.

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