Turno is raising mental health awareness with deeply personal new track

This week sees the release of Turno‘s most personal and significant tracks of his career – What’s On Your Mind?

A collaboration with friends and local artists MCs Shox, SJ Loq, Myleedan, Phizi and Too Lippy, What’s On Your Mind? is in honour of Turno‘s brother Fabio Moliterno who tragically took his own life a year ago.

All proceeds go to Mind charity and the song comes with a vital message for men: it’s okay to share your feelings and open up about your mental health. Help is always there.

If this track can get through to our demographic and help even one person reach out to someone before thinking of suicide then we know we have made a difference.  

Released on September 15, a date that marks a year since Fabio passed, What’s On Your Mind? is a touching tribute from some of his closest friends. Turno‘s first ever rap-style release, the beat provides space and weight for each MC t0 share their story about Fabio and explain how he inspired them and will never be forgotten.

Familiar to anyone who has followed Turno‘s exploits online over the years, Fabio was a humugous source of inspiration and positivity in the DJ’s life and many other friends and relatives, especially in their Bedford area where Fabio was a local legend as the owner of Escobarbers.  Famously immaculatly groomed, he modelled many of Turno‘s Time Is Now streetwear drops and styled the DJ’s various razor-sharp hairdos over the years, playing a key role in Turno‘s career.

Away from the music Fabio was known to be selflessly community-spirited and will be remembered by many as somone who’d do anything to help others and make others happy, but sadly didn’t give himself the same love.


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In a bid to prevent other people taking their lives, Turno committed to mental health training with a local gym charity Samson’s Academy. A local organisation run by Fabio‘s friend Dorian Alexis, Samson’s Gym are working to get mental health awareness into male dominated spaces such as sports clubs and barbershops.

The training was filmed by the BBC for a forthcoming episode of documentary series This Is England and the track What’s On Your Mind? is used throughout. Next month on World Mental Health DayOctober 10Turno will drop a drum & bass remix. If you’ve seen him play in recent months, you’ll have heard it. The climax finale of each set, it’s received with a sea of phone lights and a tidal wave of emotion on both sides of the decks. 

“The track I’m about to share is not only a dedication, but is probably my proudest work to date.” stated Turno earlier this week on Instagram. “I sincerely hope that this project is something that can connect with as many of you as possible in order to raise awareness for the ongoing issues in mental health worldwide! Over the coming weeks the whole world is going to learn about our story but also what me, my family and my close friends have gone through. We will also be a demonstration of the aftermath of the massive hole now left in our lives.”

Please support What’s On Your Mind? All proceeds will go to Mind charity, which you can also donate to via this crowdfunder campaign

Huge respect and love to Turno, the Moliterno family and all Fabio’s friends. Rest in peace Fabio.