UKF Anti-Virus #8 (Bandcamp Day Special)

The Anti-Virus returns. Eight episodes and six weeks deep… Who knew time could pass so quickly when you’re stuck on lockdown?

It’s been another interesting week musically.We’ve had all kinds of activities popping up on our feeds and inspiring us: streams, projects, fund-raisers, collaborations, entitled knuckleheads trading unreleased music they have no right to AND a brand new Bandcamp day.

Once again the platform for independent artists and labels have waived their 15% revenue fee and ALL proceeds go direct to the source. When they last did this in late March they experienced something crazy like $4.3 million sales… Let’s help them top that.

Read on for 40+ reasons to indulge in a little Bandcamp spree this weekend. From big discounts to special one-off releases via regular releases that happen to be out this week and even a few cheeky downloads, there’s an incredible amount of cool stuff happening on the platform. Treat yourself… You’ve survived six weeks of this weirdness. You deserve this!

Don’t forget to treat yourself to the first in our month-long takeover of Radio 1 Dance Presents, too. Its kicks off tonight with the mighty Sub Focus and Wilkinson! Find out the full details here.


A.M.C – Energy VIP 1

Fire in the hole! Following last Bandcamp day’s Collision VIPs with Turno, A.M.C returns with more specials. This time it’s all about tracks from his massive debut album last year Energy. Look Out and Courier both get the treatment and they both slap even harder than the originals. The fact this release is Energy VIP 1 suggests there are more to come, too…


Beat Assassins – 50% off + two tracks ahead of release  

Jimmy Mofo’s getting into the Bandcamp day spirit by slashing his tracks down 50% to 50p each for the whole of May 1. If you’re speedy enough you can grab two releases ahead of schedule, too: Brap For The Reload/Living For The Moment and Liberations Dub / Stringray Dub. Grab them while you can!


Boey Audio – Entire discography for £50

Irish beat merchants Boey Audio are selling their entire discography – over 80 tracks since they launched in 2017 – for just less than £50. With sounds ranging from gritty, gnarly weapons (Alex SLK’s Binary Funk) to beautiful liquid rollers (Motiv’s recent one Afraid To Wait) via deep space soul (Black Opps’ forthcoming one) and a very sharp eye on new talent, now is your time to get up to speed on all things Boey.


Calibre – Shelflife 6

It’s here! Calibre returns with another crucial instalment of his Shelflife series. Once again it’s a collection of club bumpers he’s written through the ages and had kicking around but not released. Those who were in regular attendance at his XOYO residency will recognise some of these instantly; tracks like Pillow Dub and the addictive slinky bouncer Crazy For You have been highly anticipated for a long time. And that’s just two of a whole album of highlights. From the grumpy bumper The Goat to the shimmering Be Beautiful, this is classic Calibre.


Chad Dubz – Mount Weed

Bristol’s Chad Dubz has just uploaded a new batch of bits today for Bandcamp day but we want to highlight this delightful album that dropped earlier in April. Mount Weed; a full album of the wonkiest, trippiest bass variety. Slow, sludgy and strange; it’s a perfect soundtrack to your lockdown and it’s yours for a fiver (or more). Smoking.


Chris.SU – Lost In Fate

Apparently Chris.SU found these unreleased weapons on his computer. We’re not sure how you forget about tracks as heavy as these but as the title suggests, they were lost… In preparation for this very day. Four tracks in total, all of them unapologetically fast lane material, this one’s exclusive to Bandcamp.


CNVX – 25% Off Everything

Kid Drama is offering a quarter off everything on his CNVX bandcamp throughout the whole of May 1 plus he’s getting busy with the £10 bags! Just like last Bandcamp day, he’s put together a whole range of samples and sounds for your creative pleasure. Keys, stabs, strings, 808 hits and more. Way more value than other types of tenner bags you might be thinking of.


Critical Music – 50% Off Everything

Critical Music have been battering us lately! T>I’s album, Levela’s EP, Kasra and Enei’s EP and now a brand new batch of flames from Halogenix is set to drop imminently. As if that’s not enough, they’re now offering half price on everything for the whole of May 1. Just use the code CRIT50 and savour the bargain bliss.


Deep Jungle Records

Harmony and J Majik’s label are locked and loaded to the teeth this Bandcamp day. Two new singles from Subnation and label bossman Harmony plus a whole load of merch they had stashed for Clashmouth which was meant to happen a few weeks back. Just like their limited presses, none of this will hang around. Grab it while you can.


Dom & Roland – Framed Original Roland Discs

THIS is what Bandcamp day is all about! Following the last big revenue-waiving day when he dropped a selection of previously unreleased dubs on wax, Dom & Roland returns with some genuine art: 90 framed discs he used on his original Roland S760. D&B history presented as art, available right here… Although these will probably be sold out by the time you even read this.


Dispatch Recordings – 50% Off Digital & Vinyl Releases

Dispatch have halved the prices on all releases. Not just for Bandcamp day but for pretty much the whole of May. Use Dispatch2020 until May 27 and you’ll get everything (bar merch and apparel) for 50% off. Nice.


Diffrent Music

Tapes, stickers, VIP membership offers and plenty more to pre-order. Dexta and co’s Diffrent Music continue to swagger into their 10th year with all the brazen jungle bravado we’ve come to expect. There’s plenty to chew on and peruse on their Bandcamp page right now… Including the killer third part of Lakeway’s Misadventures series.


DUPLOC – Dupplates Collection

Belgian 140 bastions Duploc have put together a box set of their Dupplates series including the completely sold out and heavily requested Dupplates 02 by Ternion Sound. Complete with their forthcoming fifth edition of the series, from ColtCuts (plus previous editions from ENiGMA Dubz, Hebbe and Rygby) this is a bargain at £30. You can even get an empty box if you’ve been savvy enough to collect each plate when it first came out. One for the collectionists.


Exit Records

Exit Music have added a whole load of loot to their Bandcamp lately including a dark and forthright mini LP from Fis, a brand new EP from Fixate AND a surprise new album from bossman dBridge entitled Inhibited. Wow.


Fairbrother – Girl VIP

New Zealand drum & bass OG Fairbrother put this cheeky VIP of his track Girl up on his Bandcamp earlier this week. Warm, soulful but laced with a nice bit of a techy ice, it comes complete with a selection of other bonus tracks when you buy it. One for the girls and boys.


Inperspective – 85% Off Entire Discography

85% off! EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT OFF! Chris Inperspective’s label are selling their 35 release / 23 year old discography for just over £15. For that you get classics from Seba, Breakage, Sinistarr, Andy Skopes, Fracture & Neptune, Equinox and so many more. This is probably one of the best deals we’ve seen on Bandcamp. Visit the store now while the offer lasts.


Integral Records – 20% Off Everything

Artificial Intelligence’s Integral Records are offering a 24 hour sale on May 1 with a 20% discount on all music and merch on both their Bandcamp page and their website. Just use the code ‘Integral May’ and reap the benefits. Visit the store and fill the gaps in your collection.


Itoa – B To The VIP

Thumping ghetto/juke business from Exit affiliate Itoa as he VIP’s up an oldie from his vaults. Watch out for little GQ snippets and some proper rambunctious drums. Comes complete with an interesting twist on Charli XCX’s Out Of My Head.


John B – Electrostep (15th Anniversary Edition)

One of John B’s most brazen collections, there was nothing like Electrostep when it landed in 2006 and there’s still nothing like it now. Crammed with tongue-in-cheek leftfield oddities like American Girls and Fashion, cult classics like I’ve Been Stalking You On MySpace and a whole string of covers like Tainted Love and Hey Micky, this is still in a league of its own now. Comes in digital form and a 4GB retro cassette-packaged USB flash drive. Get in step…


John Rolodex – Sick & Twisted

A fabled lost dub from 2004, Rolodex’s Sick & Twisted was a big tune supported by the likes of Goldie, Dillinja and Bailey but never saw the light of day. Long-requested, finally available (complete with a 2006 edit), all proceeds go to The University of Alberta COVID-19 Emerging Pathogens Fund for Vaccine Development. PLUS his label Machinist Music is offering 70% off its entire discography. Sick. Don’t get it twisted.


Kings Of The Rollers – Main Event

Their first big release and new material since their album last year, Kings Of The Rollers return with three heavy-hitting originals and a crucial remix of their first track Burnt Ends by Kasra and InsideInfo’s Circuits. Somebody Else is especially worthy of note. Fronted by Lydia Pain, it’s a follow up to the massive Sky Is Falling and it’s another impeccable slab of savage drama. Not exclusive to Bandcamp in any way but a powerful release that needs your attention all the same.


Klinical – Unconscious

Klinical returns to Flexout with four of his darkest designs yet. From the moody, restrained paranoid pressure of Control to the dreamier airs and graces of the title track and Fool’s Game, it’s another exceptional EP from the rising young talent.


Kyrist – Chimera / Space Junkie

Fresh from her D&BTV Locked In stream last week, Kyrist returns with two cosmic funk jams. Her last full single release since last summer’s Bad Omen EP, Chimera flexes a lolloping funk bassline while Space Junkie hits just a little bit colder. Both hit the spot, both exclusive to Bandcamp.


Machinedrum & Holly – Berry Patch (Remixes)

It’s Vision Recordings’ first ever Bandcamp release! And what a release, Machinedrum & Holly’s chop-slapping Berry Patch EP from earlier this year gets rubdowns from an all-star cast; Thys, Halogeix, IMANU, Former & Posij, Craze & DJ Ride and Noer The Boy. Fight for this.


Maztek – R3537

Maztek returns to his 0101 with two more heavyweight barnstormers. The release showcases both of the Italian-in-Amsterdam’s style… Arps & Stuff is a real dreamer of  a tune, full of the positivity we need to get through the pandemic while R3537 is a much more forthright piece of music with strong shades of techno in the mix. Stompy. 


Marcus Intalex & Calibre – Lobeat

Launched last week by the Marcus Intalex Foundation to raise funds for its own community activities and local Manchester charity 42nd Street that supports young people with mental health issues, Foundation With Calibre includes a previously unreleased collab between the two Music Men: Lobeat. It’s every bit as jazzy and understated as you’d expect and it comes with Calibre’s Sweet Sound and an interview with him and Fabio. Interviews with Calibre are rare, audio ones are even rarer, ones by the legend Fabio are unique. Grab it.


Metalheadz – 20% off Everything

Having spent the last few months dishing out stone cold gold from the likes of Mako, Nymfo, Zero T and Grey Code, the mothership Metalheadz are celebrating another Bandcamp day with a 20% discount for one day only. Use the code Mayheadz on their store.


Methlab – 50% Off Everything

MethLab might not be releasing any more music but they’re still very much active with their existing catalogue. Their 50% off deal has been running for a while now and it’s still active until the end of May 1. Just use the code coronavirus and get Methy at half the price. Check their store.



Neonlight – Re-Masters Pt3

Leipzig lads Neonlight have cooked up another Re-Masters collection but this one’s only around for a day. Four tracks that won’t be officially released until later this year: Power Hour, Basso Continuo, Sprech Funk ‘Rock N Roll Edit’ and 800 Pound Gorilla, a collab with Russian don Receptor. Hefty stuff. Hurry though, this link will self destruct on May 2.


Neosignal – 50% Off Everything

Phace & Misanthrop’s Neosignal are celebrating Bandcamp day in magnanimous style with this whopping 50% off one-day sale on their label Neosignal. Everything on their store, include last year’s excellent Neosignal X series, the Linked series and the recent damager from Missin, is all yours for half price. Just use the code ‘neosale50’ on their store.


Octo-Pi – It’s Like That

Not content with dropping a ridiculous Danish Hoog-heaving freebie last week, Welshman-in-Bristol Octo-Pi comes blazing back into our playlists once again with It’s Like That. Coming our way via Carasel’s AFT, it’s a four-track trip running through the darker pastures of the rolling sound. The lead track features heavy bars from Dr Syntax while cuts like Sheffield just plain slice your head off. We like it like that.


Oxius – Defective EP

Dark, rolling gritty goodness from France… Via Wales. Oxius makes his debut on Cardiff-based label Incurzion with his Defective EP. Five tracks of classy-yet-frazzled forward-thinking damage, don’t believe a word of the EP title; there’s nothing defective about this whatsoever.



Quarantine Sonic Squad – DAL de Vivre

En masse badness! Quarantine Sonic Squad comprises 47 tracks across a variety of bass disciplines from garage to beats to trap, all from French artists. The sole aim is to help the French organisation DAL who are fighting for fair and affordable housing and rent freezing during the pandemic. With almost 50 tracks and an important cause, this is a no brainer and a great way to juice up your new talent radar.


rOhmz – Titled Memories

We highlighted this smoky, dreamy beat jam from Flight Pattern artist rOhmz in a previous Anti-Virus, just as a YouTube seamless mix. Now it’s fully available on Bandcamp and it’s still just as fittingly warped and languid for these slo-mo lockdown times. Well worth exploring.


Scartip – Chronopobia

Last spotted flinging his unique grotty techy slime around the Bloc2Bloc studio just weeks before lockdown, Manchester-based roustabout Scartip cooks up this little sizzler for isolation’s sake. Nasty, aggy and yours for whatever you see fit.



Shogun Audio – 50% Off Everything

One day only: Friction’s Shogun crew are offering a massive half price discount on May 1. With loads of cool vinyl like their Shuriken series, the 15 Years LP and Perez’s 1984 reissue, now is most certainly the time to stock up on Shogun loot. Visit their store right here.



Skream – Unreleased Classic Vol2 2004 – 2006

Skream returns with another Bandcamp day flashback to his roots. While the first volume focused on the very early 2003 productions, this 10 track volume takes us through 2004 – 2006, arguably the most important years in the genre. Watch out for Hurt The Soundboy. Ouch.


Straight Up Breakbeat – 30% Off Everything         

From Finland with love! Fanu’s Straight Up Breakbeat have just put up a series of artist-focused double vinyl packs especially for Bandcamp day (from Fanu, Resound and Aeon Four) and they’re  offering pretty much a third off everything with the code ‘mayday’. They’ve also launched a brand new label Mystery City with some sublime sounds from fellow Finn Askel. Check it.


Surgence – Mood Planet / Isolate VIP

You might not recognise the name but you will have definitely heard Surgenc in the past. He operates under the name Bazil and has been a member of Dreadzone for over 10 years. Here he settles into his latest alias with these special pre-release tracks on Dublin label InHabit. Mood Planet and Isolate VIP carry his dub stylings but hit with a much heavier, techier bedrock. Grab them ahead of their release on May 15.


Teebee – Archives 3

With his tuition offers, his fund-raising VIPs with Calyx and dusting off unreleased classics, Teebee’s been bossing this lockdown experience. Fresh up from the Subtitles founder is this 13 track collection of 95-2003 material. Some of which have never been released, all of which have never been available digitally. It even includes the first track he ever completed – Kung Fu.


Trex – Foolish Game

Six weeks deep into his Stay Calm project, every Thursday sees Trex setting himself a pressure test by writing a tune in a day. He starts at 9.30 am and posts the final track at 6pm and not one of them has sounded like a WIP or a sketch. This week’s Stay Calm edition is Foolish Game. It’s a grizzly little bastard.


Unkut – Junglism EP

Full Cycle’s Unkut deals with chronic junglism head-on with this skin-melting, sub-loaded three track self release. Both the EP title and his reputation should be enough of a clue as to how heavy this EP is. Comes complete with a free fourth track Turn Point. There’s no turning back from this one. Can we get an amen?


White Peach – 15% Off Everything  

The joyously unpredictable bass imprint White Peach – responsible for absolute sweetness from the likes of Hebbe, Mr K, TMSV, Sir Hiss and many more – are passing on Bancamp’s waiver discount to all supporters. No long thing – the discount code smashthatlikebutton is only valid on May 1.



XBass – Second Bass

An entire album here on jungle OG Bay B Kane’s Ruff Guidance imprint. Hot on the heels of Kane’s free download Coronavirus Relief Pack comes Birmingham junglist XBass’s second album and it’s filled to the teeth with raw, heavyweight breakbeat stinkers. The type of vibes that sit somewhere between Valve and Rupture, they’re yours for whatever you can afford.