Wobblers Charity T-Shirt 2022


Winter 2022 sees the return of the Wobblers t-shirt, this year available in three new colourways; bright pink and black, bright yellow and black and bright red on superman blue. Our very own Dave Columbo Jenkins wore the original one of a kind Wobblers shirt while he presented the 2020 Drum and Bass Arena awards and sparked a flurry of requests.

Dave commissioned the t-shirts and raised a sensational £1700 for the charity MIND, and he’s about to do it all over again. From this year’s sales, 20% will go to FareShare, which provides food (that would otherwise go to waste) to around 9,000 organisations like homeless shelters, school groups and care homes.

“The reason I’m raising for them is – fuck the tories and this cost of greed crisis. It’s a travesty and an embarrassment for the UK that hardworking families are unable to feed themselves while the 1% get richer and richer. You can’t take your money with you when you die – we need to share and help each other if humanity is going to even think about thriving.”

We couldn’t have put it more eloquently ourselves. So if you’d like to raise money for an amazing charity and show your penchant for wobblers with one fell swoop, look no further. Today is the last day you can pre-order, so don’t sleep.

Get your Wobblers T-shirt here.