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Studio Survival- Malux


Studio Survival- Malux

Korg Kaoss Pad

This is a pretty iconic piece of kit that has been used by a variety of live electronic artists. It’s essentially a digital fx unit giving you the choice of loads of different effects combined with an XY pad to control the sounds, but it can also be used as a looper which is why it’s popular with live artists. Personally I’ve found a lot of use for it in the studio. I use it to get those extra detailed sounds by running lots of elements of a nearly finished track though it to basically have some fun and record a load of crazy FX sounds. The hands-on experience is always inspiring and a lot of the effect combinations are really fun to play with so I often end up with ten or more minute recordings! These sounds can then become the layers that add detail in my music, or variations needed to finish off tracks. A lot of the basses from my track Hideout were made using the kaoss pad, particularly the squelchy ones! Unfortunately they have been discontinued now but they are still floating around on eBay and reverb if you are looking for one.

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