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Studio Survival: Burr Oak


Studio Survival: Burr Oak

Roland Juno 10

Burr Oak let us know what they can’t live without in the studio.

We had the privilege of having this classic hardware synth in the studio for several years thanks to a friend of Julien’s, and this iconic piece of hardware has become an integral part of our music-making process, infusing our tracks with its distinctive melancholic and emotive synth tones.

What we love about this synth, like many vintage hardware synths, is how its sound evolves over time. Even more so with the background noise becoming more prominent. It’s something we utilized extensively to breathe life into our synth leads, often resampling our presets. We even incorporated the background noises into our special noise folder for creating snares or hats.

It’s a very simple and easy-to-use synth, yet it possesses its own signature sounds, perfect for infusing our productions with retro emotional feelings.

Nowadays, we primarily use an emulation of the Juno 60 (which closely resembles the 106) called Tal-U-No-LX. It’s easier to use as we primarily work in-the-box now, and its influence can be heard throughout our music.



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