10 Med School Memories

Over thirteen years ago Hospital introduced Med School into the world – their sister label focused on nurturing new talent and taking a different musical direction to that of the main label. Despite being a wonderful venture throughout the course of its lifespan, and creating careers for a whole new generation of artists, last month marked the end of the journey.

While the label closed down last September, it’s recently been given a proper send-off by Hospital last month with Med School : Graduation. Featuring 23 tracks by artists who have been a key part of the journey, including S.P.Y, Royalston, Kimyan Law and Polaris, the album contains some of the artists’ most exciting work and acts as a bittersweet moment for everyone involved from the music makers to the fans. It’s been emotional.

There’s a lot to look back on: From spring-boarding the careers of artists including Etherwood, Whiney, Keeno and Bop, along with launching the innovative New Blood series to support other new artists, Med School has never been afraid to push the boundaries of its capabilities in order to stand out. And while it may be the end of the road for the label, like any graduation this is the beginning of a new chapter.

With the Graduation album still on heavy rotation here, we called up Hospital HQ for some of the artists’ favourite Med School memories over the label’s 13 years..

London Elektricity: Signing S.P.Y

“I wanted a label to counterbalance Hospital’s full (and increasingly mainstream) roster, and Med School felt like a good name. I’ve always backed the underdog. Our first signing to Med School was S.P.Y. back when he’d only had one release. We signed him for three albums. After Medic001 and 002, it became clear to Carlos and me that although he had about 140 tunes on his hard drive, all with amazing ideas, he couldn’t nail his mixdowns to his or my satisfaction. So we decided we should tear up his contract, and I said ‘go thou into the wilderness and discover thyself and thine mixdowns by collaborating with Total Science’. Which he did, along with many other artists. Happily in 2010 he came back and signed to Hospital when he was ready!”


Whiney: Hospitality On The Beach, Med School boat party 2018

“There are so many memories I could have used – Roxy, Paradiso, Corsica Studios, Kiev – but this one stands out the most. The first ever Med School boat party at Hospitality on The Beach. All of us were looking suitably sober after selling out and playing for 3 hours b2b on the waters off Tisno. I think I played Together by Logistics 30 mins in after being told to start it slow… It just escalated from there. Love these guys!”


Bop: Med School at Roxy, Prague 2014

“The first Med School Night at Roxy Prague was really special for me. I think it was the first Med School night I played and it was great to finally meet all of the Med School fam in real life in one place. The club was packed, the vibe of the night was amazing and I was blessed to play a two hour set. For my last track I played the first sketch of my Myopia remix by Enter Shikari and the crowd went crazy. Those moments when you play a new tune for the first time and people instantly get it are the best.”



Frederic Robinson: ADE 2016

“It was at Paradiso during ADE 2016 with Etherwood, Keeno, and Mullet in the Med School Room. The night was amazing! Super intimate, great sounding space, and a vibing crowd. Performing my remix of Keeno’s Nocturne that night is my absolute favourite memory.”



Keeno: Hospitality On The Beach, Med School boat party 2019

“This was simply the best moment for me. I’d never played with Conrad before and seeing him get totally caught up in the Med School vibes made me very proud. Us lot had such fun playing b2b on that boat party – it’s something that’ll stay with me forever. Thank you to former Med School boss Ash Howard for capturing this moment.”



Royalston: Med School coming to Australia and New Zealand 

“My favourite memory number one; playing in Brisbane with Etherwood, Dynamite MC and London Elektricity. The party had some sort of amazing vibe you don’t get every time.”

“Favourite memory no.2: Med School’s Australia & New Zealand Tour in 2019 with Keeno, Whiney, Degs and Unglued. The tour was slightly strange as we knew Med School was closing, but we all got to collaborate on tunes, eat Josh’s cooking and spend some time seeing the sights (and play music to amazing crowds)”


A. Fruit: Hospitality On The Beach 2019, beach stage

“My very favourite Med School memory is the beach stage at last year’s Hospitality On The Beach. Swimming a few metres from the stage and dancing in flippers while listening to great music was something incredible. And of course I’ll never forget my set with the legendary MC Conrad on the mic and such a great vibe on the dancefloor. Thank you so much to the Med School fam for this experience!”


Polaris – Joining Med School

“I’ve probably got to say being welcomed into the family with arms wide open is my favourite memory. Having that Skype call with Tony, Chris and the whole crew, and them being so open and inviting me into the family was a great experience.”


Lakeway: Hospitality On The Beach, Med School boat party 2019

“The main thing that comes to mind for me is the Med School boat party in 2019. It was the most fun you can have at sea without going overboard… Absolutely mental from start to finish, and a highlight of my DJing career.”


Etherwood – Med School at Fabric, London 2013

“My favourite memory has to be when Med School hosted room three at fabric in March 2013. This was my second ever paid DJ set and I was shitting myself. It was just after I’d been signed and I couldn’t believe I was playing Fabric so soon and amongst a bunch of my heroes. But it was at that moment that I felt this spark. I remember it so clearly. Everything felt right and I had this bolt of excitement. I was realising a dream. Every Med School show I played thereafter had its own unique vibe and so much energy. The crowd and the DJs were so into it and so dedicated, everyone singing along to every song and having a wicked time. I’ll remember those shows for the rest of my life. Big up the Med School family, all the ravers and fans, the artists and the team.”

Med School : Graduation is out now on Hospital