8 Things You Need To Know About 8er$


We’re now almost a third of the year through 2015 and a few trends in bass music are becoming more apparent: people are seriously getting their tits in a twist over the definition of riddim/dubstep, everyone appears to have been collecting vinyl since before they were born and 8er$ is taking over in all directions.

Seriously, in the last four months he’s delivered six remixes, free downloads and originals across a variety of platforms… And he’s showing no signs of stopping.  With appearances on Mad Decent, Firepower, All Trap Music and many more, his toxic brew of trap, bass and hip-hop hang of every shape and size of playlist. And for good reason, as his latest All Trap Music release displays:

A collaboration with fellow Frenchman Mala Noche, Night RidEr$ comes as part of All Trap Music’s Flames EP and is a great snapshot of just why this strangely named 26-year-old is developing serious ubiquity right now.

Time to get up to speed, here are 8 other things you need to know about the man formally known as Antonin Cavalie.

He grew up on a tropical island

“I grew up on a little French island called Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. It was really sick and I totally miss it as I haven’t gone back there since 2011.”

8er$ loves to 8

“Basically I’m born on the 16th (8+8) of August ( 8th month of the year ) in 1988 so the 8 is kind of my fetish number. When I tried to find a name for a trap project with a friend (who’s no longer part of the project) I realized the wordplay with the “haters” and I decided to use it as I thought it was great!”

His very first productions were hip-hop

“I basically started producing crunk music. It was mainly for myself and some friends to rap over it, then I discovered D&B, then dubstep and finally when I found trap I thought it was the perfect mix of all those genres.”

He has worked under different aliases in the past

“8Er$ isn’t my first AKA. I’ve been making music for a few years now, I actually use to release as Infrastep and a few other I’d rather not say ahaha! Most of them were made with friends and never really worked out.”


Before he got the studio bug, his first instrument was the drums

“I studied drums for many years and have turned my hand at many percussive instruments over the years.”

He has an addiction problem…

“You NEED to know I’m a real fried chicken addict, KFC, Poppeye’s… But my favourite thing is to cook it.”

It’s not just chicken he’s addicted to, either…

“I’m a huge cap collector. I have over 60 caps so far. Well 60 that all look good haha!”

He’ll be rapping on a future single

“I have a lot of new releases, remixes and collabs coming up. I also have a solo single called Black Roses where I’ll be rapping for the first time.”