AWE’s giving away another high grade banger: Rust Lung VIP


Terrorhythm tearaway AWE is on a serious roll right now.

He’s just returned from his first international tour in Australia supporting the country’s hottest artist Alison Wonderland, he’s dropping the long awaited update on his breakthrough banger AWE – Rust Lung VIP, he makes his EDC Vegas debut this weekend and he’s doing it in style. Oh, and he’s working on some cheeky jungle too…

His tour has made him a wiser selector…

Six shows and six after parties over three weekends. Australia kept AWE on his toes…

“There are only 20million people in Australia. The country’s really cool. It was interesting to see the different tunes the crowd was into. Every city is so far apart and they’re all so different vibe-wise. Melbourne is very hip, Sydney has that Flume/beat style. Perth is very much a bass city with a lot of drum & bass roots like Pendulum and Shockone. Sydney has a vibe that’s very similar to LA with some very similar sounds and ideas. I had a lot in common with the people I met and stayed with there. If I had to move somewhere other than LA, Sydney would be top of the list.

“But yeah, I had to switch it up in every city… You learn a lot on your first tour! Some things go down super well over there and don’t go down so well in LA, something go down really well in different cities.”

He’s about to drop the EDC Vegas bomb on an old friend

AWE is set to make his EDC Vegas debut this Saturday. And to help him tick it off the dream gig wishlist, he’s bringing the perfect companion… His old festival co-pilot.

“My friend Max and I were really into this music and started investigating festivals together. We went to EDC, HARD and Coachella. We went to them when we were 16 and that was what got me hooked. So I’ve played HARD and now it’s EDC and I’m taking Max. He actually doesn’t know yet. I think he might have an idea but I haven’t told him. Hopefully he has the days off!”

He’s on a D&B flex right now…

Tempo ain’t nothing but a number. As he hinted in the killer amen-heavy intro of his Jack U remix, AWE is digging deep into his D&B inspirations right now. Currently in cahoots with two of UKF’s favourite drum & bass artists, he’s dropping it on tour and working on some new 160 jungle business…

“I used to listen to a lot of drum & bass when I younger, acts like Brookes Brothers and Netsky had a huge influence on me. I’ve been talking to both of them so we might get some stuff started.

“I’ve been working on other drum & bass style tracks. It’s around 160BPM but with the jungle breaks. It fits in with all the Hive & Gridlok material and all that really dark stuff. I was in Perth and I decided to drop a Crissy Criss track. I really wasn’t sure about it how it would go down but it went off. It was sick. I wanted to go back in time and tell my 14 year old self about it. He’d like that.”

He’s giving away AWE – Rust Lung VIP for free!

AWE just turned 21 this weekend. And, what’s becoming something of a tradition, he’s giving away a little something. Last year he dropped the sprightly retro T-Pain twister Buy U A Drink, this year he’s bring it back full circle (very much in the same spirit of taking his original festival friend to EDC) and revisiting Rust Lung from his debut EP Terrorhythm… VIP style.

Grab it here…

AWE – Rust Lung VIP

Photo credit: Jennica Mae