Celebrate Valentines With These Artist-Selected D&B Love Bangers


Time for the sweetest ‘wanna collab?’ request of the year… It’s Valentines Day.

To celebrate the day we asked 12 passionate DJs and artists for their all-time favourite ‘D&B love banger.’

Something to get us in the mood. Something to remind us about drum & bass music’s soulful and sensitive side. Something we should be doing every day of the year…. Show nothing but love.

Huge appreciation to all the artists we asked for selections: A Little Sound, Euphonique, John B, Loxy, Magnetude, Mandidextrous, Nathan X, Natty Lou, Pyxis, Teddy Killerz, The Caracal Project and Workforce for their romantic contributions.

Enjoy your day, enjoy those close to you, make sure people everyone close to you knows how special they are. Play D&B.


A Little Sound

Goldie – I Adore You

“It’s a song that was played at the very start of our relationship. It encapsulated every emotion that we were feeling in our honeymoon phase and to this day, it still brings back all the feels❤️”



Netsky – Hold On Ft Becky Hill

“My first choice is Aries – The Melody, which is an absolute banger of a track. The melody and bassline give anyone the feels and of course it drops into ‘I’m in love with you, I want you to love me tooooo’! It’s about being in love with the melody and bass just as much as it is about loving your valentine! It hits hard every time. But I also really love Netsky – Hold On with Becky Hill because it’s an emotional one and especially good when times are a bit tough or you’re far away from someone you love! Made me hella emotional over lockdown every time I heard it.”


John B

Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit

“Excellent seduction tune and sexy like me – with a tight low end, powerful punchy middle and entertaining bright top end with a satisfying conclusion. Lol.”



Foul Play – Being With You

“Beautiful track. Before its time, great atmosphere and definitely one the ladies can get with. The breakdown on this track is everything and the vocal says it all, so perfect for a D&B valentines track if I had to pick one.”



Joe Ford – Where Is The Sun

Rustam: “Joe Ford – Where is The Sun. Not only is Joe Ford one of our favourite producers, this an incredible track. I have this as the ringtone for my girlfriend, because she is my sun. When my phone rings, I think, ‘There’s my light.’
James: “Spor – Overdue (feat. Tasha Baxter) – Rustam, you smooth criminal. Whether it be reflecting past memories or being in the present, this track is a gateway to one’s heart and soul.”



Akon – Lonely (Mr Tusk D&B Bootleg)

“Fuck valentines though, I give love 24/7 365 days of the year to everyone and I don’t need a card or Gary Myers to deliver someone spesh a box of Milk Tray ever! BUT I wouldn’t begrudge it if he delivered me a box from an unknown sender.”


Nathan X

Hybrid Minds & Fred V – Drowning In You

“I chose this song as it’s one of the few D&B music videos with queer representation: The plot is so poetically gut wrenching. The world is about to be destroyed by an asteroid and it shows the last moments of a young sapphic couple; the rest of civilisation is collapsing and they are just existing, being queer and in love, but not for much longer… It’s honestly heart-breaking, but beautiful. Happy valentines.”


Natty Lou

Hybrid Minds Feat Charlotte Haining – Higher Love

“It was incredibly difficult to choose one D&B love banger, because there are sooo many out there! There are tunes that have touched my soul and have a lot of meaning including Stepped Outside by Loadstar, which was written for me! Then Keeno’s I Wonder, which has helped fix a broken heart. But I’d say the one that I’d choose as my favourite is Higher Love by Hybrid Minds and Charlotte Haining. A song that doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with a romantic partner as such, but also the love between friends and family. That’s what Valentine’s means to me!”



Facing Jinx – Come Back To Me

“This is the trickiest question of my entire life haha, I don’t exactly equate D&B with romance, especially as my other half isn’t a huge D&B fan. But emotively speaking, I’ll pick something from one of my all-time favourite albums from Facing Jinx. It’s a true masterpiece and was criminally underrated.”



Teddy Killerz

dBridge & Vegas – True Romance

Greg: “The tune which came to my mind instantly is True Romance. Not because romance is in its title, haha. This track gave me the biggest emotional experience among all, I think.”
Oleg:Frankee – Deep Down. It’s a kinda different feel of romantic and gets strong emotional feedback inside of me.”
Anton:Paimon – Berry Jam. It’s very tender and a nice old track by Oleg, with super chilled romantic summer vibes.”


The Caracal Project

Bop x Subwave – Lo-Fi Romance

“HANDS DOWN the best D&B love song EVER.”




SpectraSoul – Melodies

“It’s got that lovers vibe to it, whilst still being on the weirder end of the spectrum. It’s also one of the tunes I’m most proud of!”