Datsik: 3 Things I Learnt On Tour With Barely Alive


Just over a month ago we touched based with Willie from Barely Alive as he took part in Datsik’s epic four-month-marathon Ninja Nation tour. He told us three things he learnt from touring with the Firepower head honcho and hinted at a heavyweight collaboration to follow their original Candy Kids co-lab a year ago.

Last night that hype became reality as Firepower revealed the Datsik x Barely Alive collaboration in all its glory. At the time Willie said it was “starting to sound pretty cool”. He wasn’t wrong:

Released today collaboratively between Disciple Recordings and Firepower, we decided to get closure on Willie’s Ninja Nation tour epiphanies and see if Datsik learnt anything from Barely Alive. Turns out he has…

Barely Alive love pizza

“Pizza don’t phase them.  They can eat it every day and enjoy it each and every time like it’s the first time. If they were a flavor of pizza they would be Meat Lovers.”

They’re pretty skilled in the studio…

“On a more serious tip, it’s refreshing having a young blood on the bus that has such immense talent. I learned a lot of cool shit from them, including various mix down techniques and cool refreshing ideas for sound design. I see big things in store for them!”

….But not so skilled at GTA

“Willie is stone cold. Nothing bothers him. AKA hard as f**k. He’s a badman, smooth operator and sucks at Grand Theft Auto. Love you homie :)”

Datsik x Barely Alive – The Blastaz is out now. Support: Beatport / iTunes