Essential Summer Wisdom: Technimatic

MM Technimatic-21_lowres

1000 uploads and counting! Technimatic’s Secret Smile is a hallmark moment for UKF… And an exciting moment for the UK duo.

On July 10 via Shogun Audio they’ll drop their first full EP of new original material since their stunning debut album Desire Paths slapped us upside our summer chops last year.

Entitled the Flashbulb EP, as you’d hope from the act formerly known as Technicolour & Komatic, it’s four tracks of unfettered rolling soul gold.

You can hear most of them in this absurdly storming summer mix. Creative, deeply dug and the first mix we’ve ever praised with early 1900s classical music in it, anything that blends Bukem with Quincy Jones and climaxes with Nu:Tone’s System, MJ Cole’s Sincere and Marlena Shaw’s California Soul commands more thumbs up than is humanly possible and serious ear time.

But wait… There’s loads more.

We asked them for ONE all time favourite summer tune. They came back with an essential summer roller, banger, anthem and chiller. What a pair of champs. Dig deep…

Essential Summer Roller: Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch

Urgh! Just UUURRRGGGGHHHH. Everytime that vocal hits and the bass kicks in, you cannot help but wiggle. Just one of those tunes, an absolute beaut of a summer roller.

Essential Summer Banger: Nu Yorican Soul I Am The Black Gold Sun (4-Hero remix)

It effortlessly segues from authentic soul-jazz to sun-drenched jungle in almost six minutes of unadulterated beauty. One of the greatest dance music records ever made, period.

Essential Summer Anthem: Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You


What a tune. All based around one Chaka Khan riff that just loops and loops and loops, yet it never gets boring. Incredible record from start to finish and a track that everyone knows just from those first licks.

Essential Summer Chiller: Nhils Frahm – Said And Done

So deep and emotive it’s quite breathtaking. Definitely the best to unwind to because it just empties your mind and really puts you in a state of contemplation.  And there’s something about the chords still makes your hairs stand on end. Incredible how just one man and a piano can do that.

Technimatic – Flashbulb EP is out July 10 on Shogun Audio: Support on iTunes / Vinyl

Need more summer vibes? UKF Summer D&B Volume 2 is out Sunday! Pre-order:

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