Five Reasons Independent Festivals are so important

Festival season is well and truly upon us, and we thought it was the perfect time to talk about the importance of independent festivals and how they help the bass music industry. Amidst the sea of huge events backed by major companies, there exists a unique and invaluable ecosystem of independently owned music festivals that offer an authentic celebration of sound and culture. In this article we want breakdown the significance of these festivals and shine a spotlight on five to check out.

Five Reasons Independent Festivals are so important…

Authenticity and Diversity

Independent music festivals foster an environment where true artistic expression can flourish. Independent festivals curate lineups that showcase the finest and freshest talent, providing a platform for emerging artists and veterans alike to connect with audiences who appreciate distinctive soundscapes of bass music. Unlike their mainstream counterparts, independent festivals have the freedom to curate diverse and boundary-pushing lineups, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the UK bass music industry.

Nurturing Emerging Talent

Independent music festivals live and breath their commitment to discovering and nurturing emerging talent. They serve as incubators for up-and-coming artists, offering them a chance to showcase their skills, build a fanbase, and connect with industry professionals. By providing exposure to lesser-known acts, these festivals contribute to the continued growth and innovation of the UK bass music scene, ensuring its vitality for years to come.

Cultivating a Sense of Community:

The beauty of independent music festivals extends beyond the mere appreciation of music. They act as vibrant hubs that bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for bass music. These festivals create a sense of community, fostering connections among artists, attendees, and industry insiders. From casual conversations at the campsite to chance encounters on the dancefloor, independent festivals forge lasting bonds and provide a sense of belonging to those who find solace in the sonic embrace of bass music.

Supporting Local Economies:

Independent music festivals play a crucial role in supporting local economies, particularly in the regions where they are held. By attracting a diverse range of attendees, these festivals inject a surge of revenue into local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to transportation services and local artisans. The economic ripple effect generated by independent music festivals also contributes to the growth of the UK bass music industry and the communities that thrive around it.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration:

The intimate and inclusive nature of independent music festivals cultivates an environment conducive to experimentation and collaboration. Artists, promoters, and fans come together, sharing ideas and pushing the boundaries of what bass music can be. Through workshops, panel discussions, and impromptu backstage chat, these festivals inspire fresh perspectives and foster a culture of artistic exploration. As a result, the UK bass music scene remains at the forefront of musical innovation.

Five Independent Festivals to Check Out

Funk Up The Farm 

Funk Up The Farm, an exclusive, independent electronic dance music festival located on the edge of picturesque Exmoor in North Devon, is a haven for true music aficionados. With a tight-knit attendance limited to just 1000 lucky individuals, this adult-only gathering promises an unparalleled experience. Prepare to be blown away by a scorching lineup which includes Fred V, Etherwood and Natty Lou. It’s truly remarkable how such a small-scale festival can assemble such a massive roster of talent, leaving attendees utterly mesmerised.

Not only does Funk Up The Farm deliver an exceptional musical journey, but it also takes great pride in hand-picking locally sourced food and drinks, ensuring a gourmet experience. With breathtaking views as the backdrop and an unbeatable vibe, this event sets the bar high.


Nestled in a realm of free-spirited wonder, Shambala Festival beckons those seeking a boundless adventure that transcends the confines of conventional shows. With its ethos of embracing the impossible task of experiencing everything in one weekend, this enchanting gathering leaves attendees feeling profoundly fulfilled in a way that is unmatched by any other event. Yet, it is not only the audacious spirit and limitless possibilities that set Shambala apart; it is their unwavering commitment to sustainability that positions them as true trailblazers. Their outstanding policies and achievements in this realm are nothing short of remarkable, epitomising the festival’s conscientious ethos. It is no wonder that, for several years running, not a single tent has been left behind—a testament to their extraordinary dedication to preserving the natural environment. Shambala Festival is the epitome of progressive thinking and is leading the charge towards a sustainable future, transforming the festival landscape and igniting a powerful movement of collective responsibility. for it’s free-spirited, anything goes nature and the fact it’s impossible to see or do everything in one weekend. It’s a new adventure every time we go and you come back feeling fulfilled in a way you don’t with other shows. They are also the most progressive in terms of sustainability, their policies are outstanding and a single tent hasn’t been left in the past few years.

All Sorts Festival 

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of musical delights as All Sorts Festival takes center stage, bringing together music lovers from all walks of life in a vibrant celebration of diversity and sonic exploration. This eclectic gathering defies genre boundaries, presenting an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. With an array of talented artists spanning a multitude of genres, All Sorts Festival captivates attendees with its rich tapestry of sounds, from pulsating electronic beats to soul-stirring live performances, with a line up featuring Hamdi, Lawrence Guy and Still Pigeon. The festival’s dedication to showcasing emerging talent alongside established acts ensures an unparalleled mix of discovery and nostalgia. But All Sorts Festival is more than just a sonic feast—it’s a gathering that fosters unity and acceptance. Inclusive by nature, it embraces a vibrant and diverse community, encouraging self-expression and embracing the power of music to unite. With its captivating stages, vibrant art installations, and infectious energy, All Sorts Festival promises an unforgettable experience where music becomes a universal language, and every beat becomes a thread that weaves us together in harmony. 


Step into the realm of Stowaway Festival, an exquisite boutique gathering that emanates a warm village vibe, immersing attendees in a true sense of community spirit. This hidden gem embraces the essence of togetherness, inviting festival-goers to forge connections and create lasting memories. Amidst this idyllic atmosphere, captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts is our favourite tent- Listen Here. This sonic haven curates a sublime blend of Jazz, Dub, Soul, House, Disco, and everything in-between, enticing listeners with an eclectic mix that defies boundaries. What sets it apart is the dedication to vinyl, as all DJs who grace the decks spin their tracks on this timeless medium, delivering an authentic and immersive sonic experience. To complement the sonic bliss, the Listen Here tent boasts a mesmerising laser installation by the ingenious local designer, Andrew Turner. His innovative creations infuse the space with a captivating visual allure, elevating the entire experience to new heights.

El Dorado 

 El Dorado Festival beckons you into a realm where music, magic, and adventure intertwine. Nestled in a hidden oasis, this captivating gathering has established itself as a beacon of escapism and exploration. With its carefully curated lineup of world-class artists, El Dorado seamlessly blends genres, from bass-heavy beats to euphoric melodies, catering to the diverse tastes of its attendees. But it’s not just the music that sets El Dorado apart—it’s the immersive experience that transports you to a bygone era. Embark on a treasure hunt through lush forests, stumble upon secret stages, and let your imagination run wild within the festival’s enchanting realm. El Dorado’s attention to detail and commitment to creating an otherworldly atmosphere is unparalleled, with breathtaking stage designs, captivating performances, and awe-inspiring visual artistry that leaves festival-goers in a state of awe. From sunrise to sunset, El Dorado Festival captivates the senses, igniting a collective spirit of adventure and camaraderie that transcends time and place. Get lost in the magic of El Dorado, where legends come to life, and memories are forged in the embrace of music’s mystical allure.

There are hundreds of independent music festivals excited to welcome you to the world they have created with you in mind. Explore what your local area has to offer and help keep the authentic spirit of festivals alive.