RAM artists get ready for Orchestram performances next month

2022… The year old school became classical.

Fabio & Grooverider and the Outlook Orchestra are currently touring festivals, setting new benchmarks in how drum & bass jungle could be interpreted and performed.

Recently we reported on Dutch troupe Polyphonic who are also rewriting the jungle drum & bass performance rule book, deconstructing tracks and rebuilding them for full orchestrated experiences.

Next month comes an exciting new twist as RAM Records celebrate 30 years with a unique and exciting collaboration with Guildhall School Of Music & Drama. Pray silence please for Orchestram.

Over the course of three nights, from September 8 – 10, a band of 35 players, percussionists, vocalists and DJs will take to the stage at Milton Court Concert Hall, London, to perform a wide range of RAM anthems, bangers and current club crushers. Each show promises a sense-popping 90 minute experience loaded with lasers, projection mapping and renditions of D&B cuts as you’ve never heard them before… AND showcases how classical music can be performed in the 21st century.

“We were looking for a genre of music that would help us to reach a broader audience, encouraging new people to experience music in a concert hall setting while also expanding the type of performances/concerts that we are known for,” state the Guildhall School team.

“As a long time listener to RAM, I knew that the label had not only the quality, track record and the range of artists and styles in their back-catalogue to give the concert the impact we wanted, but that they have the reputation for innovation and continually pushing the genre forward. I think the combination of these two ambitious, musically renowned institutions coming together in partnership will give fans an opportunity to revisit the phenomenal RAM portfolio in a new way, in a new setting, a perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation.”

Nostalgia, innovation and raw theatrical drama; if any label has the repertoire for an orchestra to slam out dynamically it’s Andy C’s imprint. Each performance takes place at Milton Concert Hall from September 8 – 10. Doors open at 7pm, for ticket and events details visit the Guildhall School of Music & Drama website.

We asked some Ram artists who’ve had their tracks interpreted by Guildhall School’s orchestra about the event….


“Both myself and Bish are super excited to hear our track Techno On My Mind being performed by an orchestra, I think the thing that will set this off so well is the melodic string intro with violins and big brass stabs. We’ve heard a sneak preview of what they are planning; it just made us both wish that we had the orchestra with us when we wrote the tune in the first place. The Orchestral parts being played live will take the roof off. We both cannot wait, Orchestram is going to be immense!”



“This project is exciting to me personally and I’m definitely honoured to be a part of it. The musicality of a lot of electronic dance music, specifically drum and bass, is sometimes overlooked or overshadowed by the technical aspects and sound design. Merging the world of classical music with our production based world not only gives these tracks new life but highlights parts of the tracks that people may not have noticed or heard before. Different parts, different emotions. I have naturally always leant towards drum and bass with more of the notation side in mind, so to hear my music in this format is very special. I’m really looking forward to hearing how all these RAM tunes— classic and newer— are reinterpreted in a great venue with great classical musicians.”



“Orchestram really is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The combination of a real orchestra expanding on themes we all know and love, in a sonically epic and  immersive setting, combined with next generation visual and lighting production really will provide an experience not to be missed. I’ve been privileged enough to hear some of the arrangements, and it’s incredible to hear how well these Dnb tracks go together with an orchestra. Ram have smashed it with this!”



To have our music re-imagined through the eyes of an orchestra is a once in a lifetime experience that we are proud to be part of. We are excited to hear how our track, something that was created completely inside the computer, be transformed and played as a live performance. We are looking forward to the melodic sections, having the different instrument families playing these elements will fill the room and give off a big sound. The whole experience will inspire us to use classical instruments in our future tracks. We cannot wait, roll on September!