Savant’s Elephant Unleashed!

savant elephant 2

Savant told us he could create a track from scratch in a matter of hours… UKF had to find out how. We booked the next available flight to Norway, spent the weekend with him and created the immense new episode of Music Makers below.

When it came to writing the track we filmed – one of over 10,000 tracks he’s produced over the years – he suggested a game: we write down various rhythms, moods, BPMs, decades and random things, put them into a hat and he’ll take the elements he pulled out as inspiration / guidelines for the production.

These are the inspirations he pulled out…


Created in just over four hours, THIS is the result:

What do you think of it?

What’s more… Did he fulfil his hat-hoisted commitments?

110BPM – Check

Two-step – Check

70s – Check… Both the horns and drums are sampled from 70s records

Mellow – Check… It’s heavy in places but compared to his unruly bangers like Red Claw, it’s exceedingly mellow. Especially that gorgeous intro.

Elephant – Double – no triple! – check. No other artist has pushed the Massive synth into such elephantine pastures. What a noise. What a track!

Elephant is yours to download directly for free from Savant’s Souncloud account. For the whole story about our unique trip to Savant HQ, watch the full episode below…