Story Behind The Song: BMotion – Bear Hug


Last week saw the return of BMotion to UKF. Like all good comebacks, he came out scrapping and didn’t stop until the final bell.

Simply put; if the insanely massive Bear Hug doesn’t make up for the 18 month gap between uploads, nothing will.

We caught up with the Welsh bass warrior to find out how BMotion – Bear Hug came about. But first, a quick update on all things BMotion. Now signed exclusively to Viper, it seems Futurebound liked BMotion’s beats so much he didn’t mind a 5am call…

“My manager sent some of my tunes to Brendan, he was interested and passed on his number saying to give him a ring,” explains BMotion, real name Ben. “I did… But he was in Canada at the time and it was actually 5am! He was still cool, though. He answered and we had a little chat before agreeing to speak at a more conventional hour later on. It just went from there, really… I sent him a load of tunes, he played a lot of them and, after some great meetings with the Viper team, I realised this is where my home should be.”

Bear Hug is the latest in a fine line of Viper bubblers from Ben. Kicking off with Feelings and Something Something, he then appeared on Viper’s 10 Year compilation with the filtered funk frenzy Discotheque (penned with Chords). BMotion – Bear Hug, though, takes his game to a whole new brutal level. If you still have any short and curlies left after that first drop then your volume function is busted. Here’s how it came about…

“I was inspired by that classic late 90s/early 2000s sound so I had a play around with that vibe myself,” he explains. “It actually started off as a track called Lasers and the main lead line was the background FX lasers I have in the version of Bear Hug you hear today. One day I decided I wasn’t into that version at all so made this one. I sent it to Brendan and the rest is history. Quite a long history… the whole process has taken nine months but I’m well happy with the results!”

With more releases planned before the year is out AND a very special collab on the cards, we’re guaranteed not to wait for so long before BMotion comes out scrapping once again…