#TBT: Bionic Commando (Rusko Remix)

#TBT today for various reasons…

* We uploaded it EIGHT years ago yesterday
* It’s Rusko!
* Bionic Commando never stood for nazi crap
* It’s Rusko!

And its sick. We caught up with Rusko a few years back for stories on all of his UKF uploads and this is what he told us about the track…

“I used to play this game loads as a kid so it was really cool to have Capcom ring me up and ask to do an official remix! Unfortunately all they sent me was an MP3 of the tune that you’d hear coming from the TV. That was it! I had to sit there and work out the track and remake everything. Madly I still get loads of requests to play this in America. It came and went pretty quickly everywhere else around the world but US fans still seem to love it. To be honest I haven’t even heard it myself for a couple of years!”

Fat stacks of love to the man like Rusko. Currently fighting stomach cancer like an absolute boss we wish him all the best and the speediest recovery. Power up!