#TBT: Brookes Brothers – 5 Classic Gamechangers

Not one but five throwback flexes this week. As picked by the mighty Brookes Brothers.

The duo – who certainly know their way around an anthem – feature on Viper Recordings’ new album The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2015. Released next week, March 15, it’s a 29 track testament to both the genre and the label’s current state of health. Pre-order details below. First, though, check out these five straight-up classics that the Brookes Brothers believe well and truly changed the game.

J Majik – Love Is Not A Game

The first D&B tune we ever heard with that ultra-polished filtered house sound. The tune that hooked us to drum & bass… It’s a stone cold liquid classic!

Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files – How You Make Me Feel

We were always massively influenced by these guys’ pioneering early work. This track was the first thing we heard from them. It just nailed that analogue D&B sound and still sounds incredible today.

Sub Focus – Timewarp

Easily one of the most innovative D&B tunes ever. Set a new standard for creative sound design in drum & bass. And damn does it still sound good!

Pendulum – Vault

We still remember when this tune first started getting played out. It used to tear the club to shreds. Those pounding drums were fresh at the time and sounded monstrous…. In a very good way.

DJ Fresh – Heavyweight

This was around that time everyone was busy making really full, busy tracks… Then Fresh made this minimal monster, stripping the sound back to its bare minimum whilst retaining the essence of jungle and maximum dancefloor impact. What a tune and the truest of game changers.

Viper Recordings: Sound Of Drum & Bass 2015 is out March 15

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