#TBT: Datsik – Retreat (Excision Remix)


Deviance, Vindicate, Swagga, Calypso, Harambe, killer remixes of Noisia and Lil Wayne… There have been many incredible Datsik & Excision collaborations over the years. And last week we managed to catch one of our own.

Both regulars on the channels but not together, madly Redemption is our first Datsik & Excision collaboration on UKF in over seven years.

To acknowledge this momentous bass occasion, we’re going back to November 2009 for the last time the two appeared on UKF together: when Excision tore down Datsik’s Retreat.

We actually caught Excision’s side of the story a few years back. It captures a raw, exciting moment in both dubstep history and his career…

“2009 was a crazy time.  In the span of a few months I had gone from being limited to playing shows around Western Canada to signing with an agency and touring the world.  Back then, US work Visas were much harder to come by, so I had full tours in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK before I had even played my first US gig!  Dubstep was definitely starting to blow up but was still nowhere near as big as it is now.  I couldn’t afford a Tour Manager yet and was travelling alone.  So it was a pretty crazy head space to be in, and you can really hear it in the tunes I was making at the time.  There was a lot of frustration in there but also a lot of energy that I was excited to share with the people on the floor.

 “This is one of the first tunes that I was truly happy with my level of production.  Of course things have evolved since then but in its time the sounds in the track were very new and fresh sounding. I believe the debut was actually in the UK, some underground club, can’t recall the name, clothes went flying through the air on the drop hahaha”