#TBT: Freestylers – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

cracks - flux pavilion remix

It’s almost exactly six years since we uploaded this! We’d be rude not revisited this epic moment in dubstep, Flux Pavilion and UKF history… Freestylers – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

We talked to Flux about this very tune last year in prep for our five year anniversary. We still can’t believe that this actually bombed the first time he debuted it! This is what he said…

“I didn’t know what a remix was back then! With this I thought the vocal sounded cool and I made it into a dubstep track! After that I listened to loads of different remixes and realised that a remix was usually more of a re-mixed track but I’d rewritten this completely! It was my first ever remix and it came about through meeting SKiSM.

He’d just started Never Say Die and I was talking to him online thinking ‘wow, I’m talking to SKiSM!’ I asked him what he had coming out and he listed a few things along with a Flux Pavilion remix. I was like ‘what are you on about? That’s me!’ He coaxed me into it. He willed this into existence. I actually played this for the first time at The End and it went down terribly. The worst you’ve ever seen a track go down. SKiSM looked at me and said ‘maybe we won’t release this’. We didn’t for a while but he needed a B-side so we thought ‘fuck it!’. The same thing happened with Sweet Shop… We dropped it and people walked out. I had to drop a Caspa record to get people back into the dance!”

Check the full feature where Flux also breaks down I Can’t Stop and his remix of Gold Dust.