#TBT: Nero – Do You Wanna

Eight years old tomorrow!

The leading track on Viper’s game-changing Acts Of Mad Men album released November 2009, Do You Wanna cracked open the label’s most ambitious release at that time. A whole bombardment of bangs followed Nero’s rampant electroid chugger including Ed Rush & Optical’s remix of Sigma, formative Camo & Krooked missiles, early Delta Heavy wounders and the very first tracks from Metrik.

An album that’s matured incredibly well over the last eight years, and helped the careers of some of the most important names today, it’s a great snapshot of an interesting time for drum & bass as it began to dominate more festivals, airwaves and headlines and become the unavoidable beast it’s been this decade.

And it started with this timeless rewind. Penned when Nero were so young they just had little white rectangles for eyes!

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Need even more Nero in your life? Head to Fabric tomorrow where they’re playing Room 1 alongside Craze and Annix.

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