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Teddy Killerz 2

Last week Teddy Killerz gave away a entire remix EP. A six-way revision soundclash of their 2013 Rider Shafique and Mr Murdz-fronted track Countdown, it’s fuelled by artists who could potentially be unknown names to you right now: CVPELLV, Rusty K, Custom Phase and Gydra.

If the Ram-signed trio have anything to do with it, these names won’t remain unknown outside of Russia for long. We thought we’d tap the Teddies up direct to find out more about the talent behind each reversion…

“Russia has a big and powerful drum & bass scene that we are really proud to be a part of it,” says Garud, one third of the trio. “Unfortunately, many producers stay unknown outside of Russia and produce music for their own pleasure and passion. This EP is our way to show people in the world some of the best producers on the Russian scene at the moment, their skills and their creativity.”

“Some of the musicians who remixed Countdown are already established. Since we started this project we definitely wanted Engage and Davip to be among the remixers; they both created extremely powerful tunes which are proper dancefloor killers. Other acts like Rusty K are definitely up and coming and getting recognition worldwide. But, on the other hand, a few of them have started recently… And, for one of them, this is the first drum & bass tune they’ve ever produced!”

Get to know…

Rusty K

“Rusty K is a very good friend of ours and we really enjoy his unique and creative style. He went about this remix in the most unexpected way, combining an old school hip-hop intro with a crazy drop. Those violins!”


“Gydra is a new project by the godfather of the Russian drum & bass scene – DJ Bes and the two talented producers Mizo and Menfort. Gydra did a monstrous remix which definitely has that sound which people call ‘Russian neurofunk’.”

Custom Phase

“Custom Phase is a new breed of producer and we chose his remix among the others during a competition we did for up and coming producers. His sound impressed us a lot.”


“CVPELLV is a huge hip-hop beatmaker and trap producer. This is the first drum & bass tune he’s ever made and we believed he killed it. What a deep and atmospheric tune!”

Keep each name locked for future Russian trailblazing.

Grab the entire EP here.

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