Top 10: Dilemma’s Essential Winter Liquid Warmers


Liquid drum & bass is a perfect sonic cool breeze in the summertime. We all know this. But it’s just as effective as a heart cockle heater during the colder months, too. If not more so…

Soulful, human, warm; just the right tones and textures to whisk you away from the icy realism of the day and remind you of brighter, more vitamin D-enriched times.

Don’t talk to us. Talk to Dilemma. We spoke to her earlier this year and learnt how she’s risen up the ranks in recent years to become a trusted source of proper high grade soulful drum & bass. As a producer she’s been on radars since 2016 with releases on Hospital, Soulvent, Flight Pattern and Skankandbass. As a DJ, she’s been cutting her teeth most of the 2010s but this year has been especially inspiring for the Brighton-based artist.

“I never dreamt any of this would happen!” Dilemma, AKA Piper, tells us. “I got like three bookings all year last year, then I turned 25 and I got booked to play fabric, Soul in Motion and Hospitality On The Beach all in the same week. Best birthday ever! It’s just snowballed since then, it’s really been wild and it shows no signs of slowing down.”

Recently spotted smashing up the courtyard at Let It Roll’s UK debut, Piper now sets her sights on Studio 338 for our UKF10 event on December 14. She’ll be playing alongside the likes of Dimension, Delta Heavy, The Prototypes, Kove, Grafix, Quadrant & Iris and that’s just the D&B representing. It seems it’s a dream booking to wrap up an excellent year for Dilemma.

“It certainly is! I got into drum and bass largely because of UKF so it’s a madness that I’m on a UKF line-up now,” she grins. “If you went back in time five years ago and told me this would be happening I’d have told you to fuck off in a thick Brummy accent, ha. I’m stoked!”

Save your ‘fuck offs’ for December 14 as both rooms in Studio 338 are packed with some of the best talent UKF has supported over the last 10 years. As well as the drum & bass line-up above, Notion, Bushbaby and Distinkt will be present and correct while the second room is loaded with an exception dubstep rollcall: Plastician, Joker, The Others b2b Subscape, Emalkay and more will all be playing.

Just like Piper, our event wraps up an excellent year of UKF10 celebrations. With the regular exclusive releases from some outstanding acts throughout the year, the release of our UKF10 – 10 Years Of UKF album this month and events at Let It Roll, Exit Festival and our spiritual stomping ground Frome, 2019 has been epic.

December 14 at Studio 338 is our way of saying thank you to everyone who’s supported. We’ll see you there. In the meantime, warm up those cockles with this precision liquid selection from Dilemma…


Joe Nebula ft. Patricia Edwards – Top of the World (Paul SG Remix) (Phuzion, 2013)


“This one puts a smile on my face. I love that vocal so much, I have to belt it out every time!”


Ephemerals – Life Is Good (Technimatic Remix) (Jalapeno, 2015)


“When it comes to warming up your bitter soul in the wintertime, this remix is your guy! Life really is good when this one’s on.”


Random Movement – Still Ain’t Changed (Flight Pattern, 2017)

“This chord sequence is just silly. Never a dull tune with Random Movement and always so much fun. One of my all-time favourites, this one. Go check his new album too!”


Constrict – Anywhere (Lifestyle, 2019)

“I have to belt out the vocal in this every. Damn. Time. Sometimes I miss the high note though haha.”


Return To Me – Flava D (Hospital Records, 2019)

“Gotta rep the gyaldem and this one is just a little bit funkaaay. More female produced liquid please!”


NRDFCE – Succession (Soul Deep, 2018)

“NRDFCE, now Solsan, is a dear friend of mine and I rinsed this when I first heard it. That electric piano is delightful!”


LSB – All Of My Love (Technicolour & Komatic Remix) (Spearhead, 2012)

“I adore the bassline in this, paired with the piano it’s just lovely. I remember rinsing it when it came out and it still gets me going to this day!”


Break – Last Goodbye ft. Celestine (Symmetry, 2018)

“What a GROOVE this is. It’s Break. Not sure how much more I need to say!”


T.R.A.C – Step Tune ft. Random Movement & Adrienne Richards (V Recordings, 2017)

”I tried not to put another Random Movement tune in this list, I really did! It had to be done though, the guy has an unparalleled sense of groove. Pair that with T.R.A.C and RM’s wife on the vocals and it’s a percy.”


Los Contreras – Tunnel Vision ft. David Albury (Liquicity, 2016)

“Can’t beat a good amen-y liquid roller and Los Contreras is one of the best. So fine!”


So fine: Catch Dilemma on December 14, Studio 338, London with Dimension, Delta Heavy, The Prototypes, Kove, Quadrant & Iris and many more. Event details. Tickets.


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