Tune Of The Month: July 2015


Another month deeper into 2015, another all-star line-up for Tune Of The Month.

This time we’ve collared the grubby necks of SKisM, MUST DIE!, Loadstar, Habstrakt, Trei and eight more high calibre artists and asked them this simple question: What’s been your favourite tune this month?

As always, they didn’t disappoint. Get acquainted…


Tune: Tantrum Desire – Pump

“There hasn’t been a really good stabby one note tune in what seems like ages. This goes down really well and fits in the mix with loads of stuff. All round good fun to play out!”

Delta Heavy 

Tune: RL Grime – Core (Infuze Remix)

“We loved this flip on Core so much we commissioned New York’s Infuze to remix our next single. He juxtaposes Grime’s epic, call to arms horn sample with a euphoric drop that keeps the weight of the original, and it somehow manages to feel blissed out and energetic at the same time. It’s a real journey of a track with the little solo synth lead that comes in on the second drop the icing on the cake. Such a fresh, classy remix.”

Document One

 Tune: Gerra and Stone – Tender Touch

“Gerra and Stone strike the perfect balance between elegance and darkness on this record. The drop is packed full of amazing sound design on the bass side of things, complemented perfectly by huge pads, deep vocals and reverb drenched piano, all held together by drums with more punch than we can wave a stick at. For us D&B doesn’t really get any better than this!”


 Tune: Joyryde – Flo

“Been following Joyryde from the very beginning and I never get enough of this magnificent tune. I love everything about it; the intro had the perfect build-up and drops into a perfect bass house track, wonky, aggressive and terribly efficient on a dancefloor. It’s been destroying every venue I played it in, watch out for this guy as I feel he’s only getting started!!”


 Tune: Moksi – The Dopest (Cesqeaux Remix)

“Just discovered this and it’s going in every set. I haven’t heard something like this in a while, super vibey and really wonky. Big fan.”


Tune: BMotion – Bear Hug

“We don’t know a lot about this guy but he’s come with absolute monster of a track. It’s one we’ve been playing it every set for the past few months and it always kills it! We can’t wait to hear what he comes with next!”

Mob Tactics

 Tune: Smooth – Saturn 3

“This is a tune that’s been featuring heavily in our sets for the last few months and it’s pretty easy to see why! Ridiculously funky and the production is second-to-none as you’d expect from Smooth. Always fun to watch the place go nuts when it drops and that riff comes in! We’ll be playing this one for a while yet…”


 Tune: Henrik The Artist – Naked

“This song is everything I love. Catchy, chirpy, exciting. This grabbed my attention HARD.”


Tune: XYLØ – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (LAXX Remix)

“LAXX proves he can turn his hand to anything with this superb remix. Lush chords in the intro complement the haunting vocal beautifully before flipping it into one of the gnarly futuristic bangers that he has become notorious for. And, if we’re getting technical, he has pulled off one hell of a smooth key change between the intro and the drop. Perfection.”

Spag Heddy

 Tune: Tisoki & Fuse – How About It

“It kinda sucks that this track is finally out because it has been one of my secret hybrid diamonds in my sets ever since Tisoki sent me a playable. People go HAM on it every single time, and they should! The vibe in this one is so effective. I’m a huge fan of especially Tisoki, this dude is the future, mark my words, and I’m happy to see so many big names are playing his tunes and collabs out. Hopefully our collab soon too!”

T & Sugah

Tune: Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm

“Since the first time we played this tune it has been in our set (and it won’t leave any time soon), the crowd reaction on this one is absolutely amazing!”


 Tune: Tantrum Desire – Sacrifice

“I’m a big Tantrum Desire fan, and the whole of the new Diversified LP definitely delivers! Each and every tune is super tight and huge in the vibes department. I’ve been playing a lot of the tracks from it lately; Sacrifice is a personal favourite of mine; that drop definitely gets a place bouncing!”