UKF Study Sessions #3: BMotion


Final shout out to everyone studying and revising right now. The final week or two of hard work before your well-deserved summer break, here’s one final artist-curated Study Sessions playlist designed specifically to complement your studies.

This one comes from drum & bass’s exciting emerging talent BMotion. He’s offered some insightful tips and some fine, fine beats… Whether you’re studying or not.

Don’t listen to your favourite music!

“I found listening to stuff I really liked before sitting down to revise didn’t help at all: all I wanted to do was go and write my own music!”

Less vocals

“I tended to stay away from music with vocals in as I found this very distracting.”

Low volume

“I would also have the volume very low so it was almost just a background noise. This helped a lot as it helped with drowning out any other background noises and zoning in on what I was doing.”

Mix it right

“I think you also need to strike a balance, if the music is too chilled you’ll work slowly and not get much done, but if it’s too hard and hyper then all you’ll want to do is get up and move around!”

Set goals

“Setting targets, or areas to work on, is a good idea along with working in quick segments: do half an hour, have a five minute break, then get back to it. After a while you’ll find yourself losing track of time and getting into things. Before you know it you’ve worked through everything you set out to do.”

Good luck!