UKFis5 #7: Netsky

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As part of our ongoing series we’re looking back over our highest ever viewed uploads. And when it comes to UKF Drum & Bass there’s one man behind THREE of the top five biggest tracks.


Hot on the heels of his MASSIVE upload last week – The Beth Ditto-fronted Running Low – we get into the vibe and find out what to expect from his highly anticipated third album.

“The main idea behind the next album is to be a bit different from what I’m used to,” says Netsky who began his life in music on the drums. “It’s very song-based. Each track starts with a piano melody and vocal and I build the song round that. It’s great to work with people and start something from scratch and build it up: It feels a lot more natural and creative to work that way. Then I do the producing part at the end of the journey.”

It’s a journey we can’t wait to be taken on. In the meantime, let’s rewind and reflect on his three appearances in the UKF Drum & Bass top five highest viewed tracks… As watched and supported by YOU!


Memory Lane

Uploaded: March 12 2010

Viewed: 8,520,000+

Wow, this is ages ago! I can’t believe it’s got eight million views! I don’t look myself up on the internet too much, it makes me feel a bit weird, so I had no idea it’s had that many views! This track actually got my record deal with Hospital Records. I’d had a few tracks out before but this was the first track they’d heard of mine. They signed this for a single then two weeks later they signed me with an album deal. I made this in student mode; I was finishing up my maths studies here in Belgium and my job was just to have fun… Studying in the week and playing in the weekend. Coming over to the UK, taking friends with me, lots of parties. This always brings back good memories.


Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect (Netsky Remix)

Uploaded: May 9 2011

Viewed: 12,490,000+

It’s so weird! I find it hard to believe this has had so many views! We don’t play it live, I haven’t played it in a DJ set that much recently. It must be Jessie J’s name that’s helped this! She was just looking for a drum & bass remix and I doubt she’d even heard of me when this came about…. But I know she was very happy with the remix when she heard it. I’m very very grateful for all the support this has had.

Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)

Uploaded: April 9 2011

Viewed: 18,075,000+

18 million? Holy shit! This is amazing. Rusko’s original was big so I wanted to do something completely different. I took the vocal and went to town on it. Remixes are a really cool opportunity to do something different and out of the norm or expectations. Back in those days I felt I could only include music on my albums that fans would expect of me so remixes like this enabled me to experiment and do something different.

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  • Hospital has unlimited talent, period. They’re doing great things for the DNB genre.

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