Disciple Announce New Signing: PhaseOne

It’s official: at 9am UK time, 8pm Sydney time today Australian bass talent PhaseOne confirmed he’s joined the ranks at Myro and Dodge’s ever-developing Bristol/LA imprint Disciple.

In a move that won’t just see him bringing his signature metal hybrid heavyweight sound to the label, but physically moving to LA to work closely with the crew, it’s another exciting chapter for the artist who’s constantly turned heads since emerging in 2013.

With a discography that’s stamped with some of the strongest names in bass such as Firepower, Rottun and Never Say Die, PhaseOne – real name Graeme Duffy – and Disciple go back to 2014 when PhaseOne smashed up a Virtual Riot remix competition, taking We’re Not Alone to brave new places. After meeting them IRL on tour in his own native Aussie stomping ground in 2015, the deal was sealed.

“Half way through 2016 they popped the question, I said ‘yes’ and we couldn’t be happier,” explains Graeme. “With my impending move to LA I’m really excited to be able to work so closely with the boys without timezones and an ocean getting in the way.”

PhaseOne will mark the start of this new chapter with his first full Disciple EP: Origins. An EP he describes as his best work so far, it’s four tracks (and one remix) heavy and features some of Graeme’s gnarliest, most unique fusions with swarthy drum rolls, chugging guitars, deep belly roars and a whole range of wider influences.

It backs up what label co-boss Myro has told stated many times on social media and in a previous interview: when it comes to new talent, they’re not looking for an established ‘Disciple’ sound, but rather acts who sound unlike anyone else and delivers something fresh.

“A lot of people know me for blending metal and dubstep and I think I’ve really honed in on that and created something which is a distinct PhaseOne sound,” Graeme explains. “The meaning behind the EP title Origins refers to my metal/rock roots which I think is really fitting. Signing with a new label can bring a fresh start so for that I wanted to go back to what makes me and my music unique and work from that place. I feel pretty lucky. Disciple have a great selection of talented and unique artists and I’m wanting to add another element and complement the squad with my sound and style.”

Hear exactly how PhaseOne will complement Disciple’s sound when Origins drops on January 16. This is the second of four new signing announcements from Disciple – the first was Oolacile – we can’t wait to hear who the label will be announcing next.

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