IMANU to bring back Signal alias


“I guess I picked the wrong time to change my name…”

After 18 months of remarkable operations under his IMANU name – including a recent single on UKF and a collaboration with Sleepnet – Rotterdam artist Jonathan Kievit has revealed to us that he plans to bring back his Signal alias as of next month. Read on for more information and an exclusive peak at a WIP of his first new Signal productions in almost two years.

“What can I say? House and dubstep just don’t pay the bills,” he commented. “If I was able to tour then things would be very different. But I can’t, so this is where I’m at.”

It’s a far cry from where the young artist was at in autumn 2019 when we revealed his name change. “It’s totally more than a name change,” he told us at the time. “I want to do new things, beyond the technical stuff people know me for as Signal.”

But as the global raving network remains almost entirely online (beyond New Zealand), it seems that fans are much more interested in the old stuff he did prior to changing his name to IMANU.

“Every day I get a new message,” he sighs. “Bring back Signal or I’ll add you to loads of unnecessary mailing lists. Bring back Signal or I’ll start a rumour about you on Tik Tok. Bring back Signal or I’ll DDoS your mum. Bring back Signal or the puppy gets it. That’s just my manager and close friends. I guess I picked the wrong time to change my name…”

Jonathan is unsure what will happen to his IMANU project but has thanked fans for their constant support and asked for patience while his focus returns to Signal, the project that brought him to the world’s attention almost six years ago at the age of 17. The first post-IMANU Signal release will drop next month on VISION Recordings, here’s how it sounds so far…

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