6 Of The Best: Dopest Dances In Music Videos

dopest dances

Anyone else noticing a growing trend in sick dance routines in music videos these days? Breaking, flexing, krumping, straight-up contemporary… Serious moves are being busted in 2015.

In light of the crazy, if a little scary, lipstick wearing flexers on Yogi’s Burial video that came out earlier this week, we thought we’d round up some of the best dance-based music videos on UKF and beyond. No shufflers please, this is real:

Xilent – Is There Time

What’s fappening, sorry happening here, then? The weirdest game of snap ever turns into a tequila glugging, gun-toting breaking battle. Popping.

I Am Legion – Choosing For You

Picture the scene: You’re in a derelict warehouse. Foreign Beggars are spitting fire and dank Noisia beats are firing away. What do you do? You team up with a kid and get krumping of course. Hells, if you’ve got time you’ll put a sock on your hand. Brain fungus!

The Prototypes – Pop It Off (Feat Mad Hed City)

Clearly derelict buildings and krumping go hand-in-hand. Whatever that gold dust is, and however much it costs, we want some. If you’ve got any spare please shut up and take our money.

Breach – Everything You Never Had (We Had It All) (Fr Andreya Triana)

This is what happens when strip teases go too far. Bare contemporary moves (literally)… Right down to the soul.

Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (Feat Pusha T, Moody Good, TrollPhace)

We’ve featured this for the immense, joint-rupturing flexing displayed by Bones The Machine and friends. But the moves aren’t the only skill that require patience and discipline: Sitting totally still during a haircut and rapping while the barbershop is being smashed up within inches of your face is also very impressive. Props to Pusha T as well as the dancers.

Arches – There’s A Place

All these body (and sometimes gravity) defying moves are incredible. But let’s spare a moment for the classic robot dance. Here’s one. Performed by a knight in shining armour. Covered in graffiti. Win.

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  • good article, didn’t even know how many of these songs had videos to them, but one part forgetting about the Yogi video, dennis rodman, and the fact he sets someone on fire LOL

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