Big love to Rusko

Yesterday Rusko shocked the world with a brief and succinct post that puts all our live’s little quibbles into perspective…

We just want to take the time and use this platform to personally shout out Rusko and wish him the safest and speediest recovery possible.

One of the biggest, realest and funniest Gs in bass music, Rusko has had a huge influence on UKF with tracks such as his remix of Splash and Netsky’s remix of his Everyday being critical in helping us define our own vision. He’s had an influence on all of us who work here personally and he’s cited in countless interviews we’ve done with the most exciting new generation talent who credit him as a key influence in them becoming artists (Panda Eyes and Dion Timmer are just two recent example)

Rusko has always gone against the grain, done his own thing and never been afraid to experiment or take risks ever since his first raw, raffish dark funk productions and his and Caspa’s scene-changing Fabriclive mix. He was one of the earliest acts in his field to go live and take his bass guitar on the road, when dubstep started to explode commercially he started dropping old jungle records, when the big brostep drops came in he was writing poppy jams on Mad Decent, he’s the only person we know who’s creative and brazen enough to sample the buzzer sound in cult UK gameshow Catch Phrase. Even now, he’s going against the grain as the only dubstep OG fighting cancer ffs.

If you’ve spent so much as five minutes speaking to Rusko or seen him bouncing around like a crazy thing during his sets, you will know he’s got all the energy and strength of character to fight the shit out of it. Fuck cancer and huge amounts of love and respect to Rusko and his family right now. We’re thinking of you.