#TBT: Datsik & Kill The Noise – Lightspeed


Throw back and get busy: this week’s UKF rewind comes courtesy of two bass titans: Datsik & Kill The Noise – Lightspeed

A serious curveball when OWSLA dropped it three and a half years ago; at that point neither party had expressed that much interest in the 4/4 electro-edged peripheries of bass music. Back to the future, Datsik’s spitting out house-flavoured Eph-bombs on the regs and Kill The Noise’s forthcoming album Occult Classic is loaded with multi-genre activities such as FUK UR MGMT.

In hindsight Datsik & Kill The Noise – Lightspeed was a pretty sharp glance into the future.

PLUS: it still sounds sick! Those timeless chords, that surging sense of uplift and drive and those mischievous bass grizzles on the fills will always kill it.

Amped for Occult Classic to drop next week. In the meantime, enjoy…

Datsik & Kill The Noise – Lightspeed

Datsik fires from one of the most distinctive bass cannons in the scene. Having demonstrated his full strength sonic spread on the most respected labels possible - Dim Mak, Mad Decent, Rottun - he's now at the helm of the massive Firepower ... Read More
Kill The Noise
Kill The Noise
Previously known as inflexible D&B baron Ewun, Jake Stanczak now operates as Kill The Noise. Taking everything he learned in drum & bass and turning it inside out via glitch, house, dubstep, moombah and sounds that simply defy succinct ... Read More