UKF Top 10: 2014 Interviews


Remember that time Bcee told us he killed a pig?

Or when Caspa proudly declared DUBSTEP IS NOT DEAD!

Or when the legendary Darude told us how he felt about a certain meme?

It’s the end of the year. Our first year as an editorial machine, tracking down DJs, asking them questions and finding out stories behind the songs we upload. We’ve found out some cool stuff since launching in March. So we thought we’d revisit some of them.

From Darude to Zinc. Andy C to Savant, we’ve found out all sorts of interesting things about our favourite DJs this year. These are 10 of our favourites. Consider this an end-of-season montage episode. Enjoy.

10. That time when… Eptic dressed his cat up in human clothes

And explained how the first time he heard dubstep he hated it!

9. That time when… Zeds Dead gave us a rewind on their Eyes On Fire Remix

DC takes us right back to their first UKF upload… And how it flipped their game overnight.

8. That time when… Protohype told us all to dig deep

In fact his exact words were “money shouldn’t just sit there, you can’t take it with you man. So fucking give it out! I find myself consistently broke as fuck because of this but I’m happy.”

7. That time when… Bcee saved a pig… Then ate it

He also told us how he almost never set up Spearhead, enjoys wearing terrible tracksuits on holidays and found teaching rather challenging at points.

6. That time when… DJ Zinc gave us some awesome old school perspective

His first ever gig get elevated from back room to main room, he’d rather buy music than listen to promos and he avoided a brush with the law in the far east. All this and more.

5. That time when… Marcus Intalex also gave us some awesome old school perspective

How a near-scrap with a bouncer scored him his first gig, how Orbital changed his life and how working with Calibre in the studio really puts you in your place.

4. That time when… Caspa said DUBSTEP IS NOT DEAD!

And shared some wisdom on how to run a label in the process.

3. That time when… Savant called The Autobots pussies

He also explained how you should never meet your heroes, how he learnt Japanese for one chorus and how James Bond is a bit of a dude.

2. That time when… YOU asked Andy C a bunch of questions

And he came back with some really insightful and awesome answers.

1. That time when… Darude – Sandstorm 

Darude: we salute you!

All these interviews were exclusive to UKF: We’ll be back with loads more in 2015.