UKF Top 10: Fishy Bangers

naked fish

“A banger doesn’t always have to have the hardest sounds or sickest bassline. It’s more of a general vibe…”

So a few weeks ago we uploaded a serious bass bin botherer from Naked Fish. Arguably one of the Austrian duo’s heaviest hitters to date, Displaced is title track of a multi-genre four-piece EP on Audioporn, it’s been supported by the likes of SKiSM, Xilent and Teddy Killerz and it’s got BANGER stamped all over it.

We called up the duo just days after their successful Urban Artforms appearance where they faced their biggest DJ challenge to date: a scheduled slot that pitched them up against one of highest profile acts in town…

“It was great but scary,” laughs Phil. “We had the same set time as Camo & Krooked but still managed to get a good crowd! We were very happy.”

They’re very happy with their new EP, too. Comprising glitch, dubstep, bass and electro, it sums up what Phil and his German partner-in-grime Seb are all about: embracing every electronic style that makes people jump.

“The EP is definitely what Naked Fish is all about,” agrees Phil. “All our influences and styles in one release. That’s what we love to do.”

We can expect another similarly wide-armed four-tracker after the summer. In fact it’s even broader in its remit…

“There’s even a techno track on it,” grins Seb. “It’s totally different. We’re both techno lovers in disguise!”

With such an eclectic taste as selectors and producers we thought we’d follow up the damage of Displaced and get their top 10 favourite bangers right now.

“A banger doesn’t always have to have the hardest sounds or sickest bassline,” notes Phil before we dive head first into their selections. “It’s more of a general vibe.”

“That vibe has to have everyone in the club on the same page,” agrees Seb. “It’s about the dynamic and flow that everyone is feeling and gets behind.”

And here are 10 examples of this dynamic and flow covering every genre possible… Big props to Seb and Phil – they’ve come up with some incredible bangers in here. And not the usual obvious ones, either. Salute!

Apashe, Dabin & Kai Wachi feat. Ariane Zita – Forsaken

Seb: We both love this! The drop is very sick and heavy but the melody and vocals really balance that out. It’s a unique vibe and superbly produced.

Phil: It’s in every set we’ve played since it came out!

Teddy Killerz – Precious feat. Romadi

Phil: Totally dramatic and really hard. When you play it in the club there’s always this big suspense after the intro and that drop just explodes!

Dodge & Fuski – Stop What You´re Doing (The McMash Clan Remix)

Seb: This has so much energy!

Phil: We love the style of this; it’s the first time we’d heard such a mix of house and electro and bass. It’s difficult to define what genre it is, and that makes it even better in our opinion.

Neosignal – Sequenz (Mefjus Remix)

Phil: Mefjus remixing Neosignal… What more is there to say? Such a killer tune! We’re friends of Mefjus as he’s also from Austria. We make a different style to him but we love everything he does.

Seb: No set of ours goes by without us dropping at least one Mefjus track.

Zomboy & Must Die – Survivors

Phil: Oh yeah! Zomboy is such an awesome producer, Must Die! is the same.

Seb: Together they’re just too sick!

Noisia – Shellshock (Feat. Foreign Beggars)

Seb: Such a classic!

Phil: In my opinion this is the best production Noisia have ever put out. No question.

Jus Now – Tun Up (Feat Bunji Garlin & Stylo G) (Diskord Remix)

Phil: We just put out a track called Better Day and we really wanted a remix from Eddie K. He agreed but said it would be as his new project Diskord. We were like ‘okay cool’. Then we heard this and we heard their track on Never Say Die and then they sent us the remix of our own track and we were like ‘wow!’ This remix really is next level.

Seb: It’s another one of those tracks that you can’t define the genre; it really stands out and always kills it.

SCNDL – The Munsta (Aero Chord Remix)


Seb: This has been huge for us! We used it as an intro track in our Urban Artforms set. It’s got such an epic intro!

Phil: It’s really different, too. It’s really hard and has those big room synths on it, but the vibe is kinda trappy. We love it.

Gareth Emery feat. Krewella – Lights Thunder (Deorro Remix)

Phil: To be honest I’m not big on the vocals but the drop is so epic. That off-beat change is so refreshing.

Seb: It goes from a big room house kick but that switch to the off-beat really blows you away. It’s fresh!

Mercedes – Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up Remix)

Phil: I’ve never heard a track like this before. It’s not very heavy but rhythm is unique takes you by surprise. The idea behind it is really cool. I heard it first on Phace and Misanthrop’s Neosignal podcast and was just like ‘WTF?!?’

Seb: People go nuts to this one every single time!