UKF Top 10: Summer Vibing (Dubstep)

summer sun

Our journey into the sunny season continues…

Last week we officially blew the kick-off whistle on summer with our drum & bass top 10. With D&B there’s no denying what constitutes a summer vibe.

With dubstep the rules are mistier. We all know dubstep can complement the perfect summer day… But what type does it best?

Deep and chill? Emotive and anthemic? Or firing sonic slap-downs with outrageous physical drops that can explode any festival in a 20 mile radius?

Bottom line, it’s all of them and more. Good vibes are good vibes and there’s no better time of year to experience them than now. So spark up the BBQ, plan your next few months of festivals, call up your friends, get a sunny shindig on and soak up this seasonal dubstep top 10 we’ve put together. Ranging from blissfully deep to heart-stopping emotion with a whole host of slick low-end sickness laced deep in between, this is one of many possible summer-themed dubstep top 10s; we hope you enjoy it…

Phaeleh – So Far Away

Truth – Lucid

Röyksopp – Running To The Sea (Ft. Susanne Sundfør)  (Seven Lions Remix)

Rollz – Burn Up (Ft Katie’s Ambition) (Dabin Remix)

Tristam – Truth (Candyland Remix)

Gemini – Vision

Mojo – Blues

Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Tha Trickaz Remix)

Modestep – Sunlight

Adventure Club – Gold (Ft Yuna)