Dodge & Fuski vs Astronaut: 8 Golden Disciple Recordings Moments


Two years deep and the takeover continues: Disciple Recordings are on an unstoppable mission right now.

From Bristol to Hollywood, their ever-expanding output – which comprises everything from heavyweight bangers to t-shirts to games – seems to be updated on an almost daily basis. This week it’s been updated with the release of Disciple: The Second Coming, a yearly flex back of their many sonic highlights.

There’s heaps more to come very soon, too. But first, just to get an idea of just how much things have developed for the brand, check this interview we did with the label founders Rob (Dodge & Fuski) and Ross (one half of Astronaut fame) then compare it to this 2015 update: 

“Wow, It seems like forever since we released our first album Purgatory… How times have changed for us! We’ve since relocated to Los Angeles and are lucky enough to be based right in the centre of Hollywood. Our team has rapidly expanded since the last time we caught up and is still growing all the time.

Rob and I couldn’t be prouder of what our team and artists have achieved in the last year. Virtual Riot has become a core member of the Disciple family and saw his Nightmare EP get to number 1 on the overall Beatport chart, Barely Alive have toured all over the states with Datsik and took part in our first Disciple Alliance US tour. We launched the Disciple merchandise store, Dodge & Fuski has been touring all over Australia, we’ve had remixes and appearances from Habstrakt, Datsik, TC, Megalodon, Joe Ford, Culprate, Mayhem and Astronaut & Barely Alive released the first Disciple smart phone game that saw a crazy amount of downloads… So as you can see, we’ve been busy.”

You don’t say! Give me an all time Disciple high from the last 12 months.

“Our Christmas show in Paris back in December 2014 was a pretty special moment for us… This was the first time we’d all played together on the same line up. Seeing 800 kids go mad to all the unreleased Barely Alive and Virtual Riot dubs for the first time is something I’ll never forget. We like to do as much as we can together as a family, so it’s very special whenever we’re able to get everyone together in the same room.”

On the flip, please give me and all time Disciple low from the last 12 months.

“I can’t say that we’ve ever had a really low point so far… We try and see the positive in every situation and do what we can to stay focussed and move forward. Watch out for more games, more tours as a unit and more developments into album for some of us.”

We’re watching. Right after we’ve reminisced with the guys over their top eight Disciple moments so far…

Astronaut: Top 4

Barely Alive – Zombie Hunter

“I love this track because, just when I think the Barely Alive guys have made everything they can, they always surprise me with something really fresh. I love how this one grooves!”

Virtual Riot – Nightmare Ft. Splitbreed (Zuko Remix)


“I’ve always been a fan of the underdogs and that’s exactly why I have so much love for Zuko. He’s been locked away working on his tracks for a long time now and gets his first ever release uploaded to UKF Dubstep. Let the music speak for itself!”

Dodge & Fuski – Killer Bees

“I think Dodge & Fuski smashed it with this one. It’s always going to be hard coming up with something original nowadays as it feels like all bases have been covered, but I think Dodge hit the nail on the head. We had an insane amount of DJ support with this too.”

Megalodon – Killer Instinct

“We’ve been lucky enough to have started working a bit with Megalodon as well. He’s been there from the very beginning of dubstep, paid his dues and still knows how to put an absolute smash together.”

Dodge & Fuski: Top 4

Virtual Riot – Carrier

“Virtual Riot absolutely nailed this one, taking riddim influences and adding his trademark production polish to genuinely take things up a level”

Barely Alive – Dead Link VIP

“The original was an absolute banger, so playing out the VIP is a real crowd pleaser. The Barely Alive sound has been going from strength to strength and this is no exception.”

Astronaut & Barely Alive – Rivals

“The title track from the Rivals EP is also my personal pick. A strong melody combines with a killer drop which works every time.”

Virtual Riot – Nightmare (Ft. Splitbreed)

“This is probably my favourite track from Virtual Riot to date, killer mixdown too. Splitbeed also managed to do a great vocal for the track which adds bags of attitude – probably one of my favourite tracks to play out at the moment.”