Tune Of The Month: February 2015


Welcome aboard UKF’s Tune Of The Month Express: your one-way ticket to New Music Discovery City. Please remain seated and keep your hands within the vehicle at all times.

This month our respected DJ tour guides will be making 15 different stops. They’ll be introducing us to a rich variety of sonic scenery that ranges from stark futuristic designs to culturally significant classics.

Upfront or classic, each selection has been handpicked by the DJs with one unifying proviso: their selection has inspired or motivated them at the highest level.

Check them out and see if they inspire you!


Tune: Cyantific – High Water Mark

“I’m going to go a bit Kanye here and say my own track High Water Mark. It’s been a very, very long time in the making and it’s a good feeling to finally have it out there!”

Celestial Trax

Tune: Funkystepz – Bounce

“This one was one of the first UK funky tracks I got really into when I first heard it. Funkystepz always get really creative with their melodies and the groove on this one is just perfect. Still a big tune.”


Tune: Diplo& Alvaro – 6th Gear (Feat Kstylis) (GTA Remix)

“GTA just destroyed this remix. It shows that a good old fashioned trap banger can still sound fresh as fuck… Big tune!”

Doctor P 

Tune: MUST DIE! – Hellcat (Habstrakt Remix)

“I’m really feeling all of Habstrakt’s house tracks, especially this one. I’ve liked his stuff for years, but he’s hit on a really cool and unique vibe with his recent tracks. There are so many boring house tracks out there; it’s so refreshing to hear something a bit different.”

Drumsound & Bassline Smith 

Tune: Document One – Jazz Club

“The boys have really stepped into the brum & bass arena and certainly found a niche for themselves. Jazz Club is a nod to the smoky Blue Note era; lush, nostalgic jazzy vibes evolve into a classy neurofunk-infused beast. Acclaim from producers and drum & bass fans across the globe make this our stand out track of the month!”


Tune: Skrillex – Dirty Vibe (Ricky Remedy Remix)

“I love this tune for many reasons. Remedy used a lot of the vocal in the remix, which is a plus for me because I already loved the tune to begin with. Also, when I do remixes on tunes, I think it’s important to use much of the vocal (if there is one) because it combines the vibe of the original track with yours, and it’s always playable. Remedy has been killing it in the scene as of recently, and I think this year he will make some big moves to push him forward. He has lots of talent, and I’m always looking forward to what he comes up with. This tune goes off every time I play it – almost as much as the original does. It keeps the hype constant, and it’s what I love… Energy. ”


Tune: El-B feat Juiceman – Digital

“One of my personal favourites from the UK garage scene. The vibe is timeless, dark underground beats and bass. This one is still lurking in my bag.”


Tune: Noisia – Incessant

“Really enjoyed listening to this the past week. It has an amazing groove, constantly evolving patterns and obviously some gut wrenching bass from the depths of Noisia’s sound design library. Not only is this a really interesting tune, but it marks 10 years of Vision. Which has been one of my favourite D&B labels over the past decade.”


Tune: Digital – Gateman

“Digital is the dub master! This track blew me away the first time I heard it and still does whenever I hear it in a club. It assisted in tearing the drum and bass scene a new asshole. Sub bass, a halftime groove and a quirky breakdown at its finest!”


Tune: Tantrum Desire – Shuffle

“The reason why I picked this tune is because Tantrum Desire always tears it down. It’s crazy how good they are and how they always manage to bring their unique dancefloor sound on the table. My sets always includes at least one Tantrum Desire tune.”


Tune: Cream – Dream About It

“We had the honour of watching this kid Cream produce the beat, write and track the vocals to this tune in three hours. All of us were instantly blown away. Been banging it ever since. Such a talented producer/rapper!”

Tantrum Desire

Tune: L Plus – Red Planet

“A producer that’s been growing on me since day one with his productions goes in with Red Planet… Probably one of my favourite L Plus tracks to date. How it drops into that warm bass and funky groove is quite refreshing, but then incomes another build up warning that switches into the mid drop, serving its purpose by turning the dance floor into skank mode! This one definitely falls into the Technique tune of the month category for me.”

Toronto Is Broken 

Tune: Anodyne Industries – LH1013

“Aaron (Anodyne Industries), is a close friend of mine, and I think this is his best piece of work to date! The vibes on this are amazing, the melodies and atmospheres are second to none… Especially that vocal sample that comes in half way through. I was super excited for this to be released on Sub Slayers, and it’s dedicated to a good friend of his that passed away in October 2013.”


Tune: Smooth – The Black Hole

“Straight out FIRE from Smooth! I’ve always been a big fan of Smooth’s tunes, but his latest release really stands out to me. That drop! Deadly lead and absolutely humungous production; this one definitely spices things up in the club! MASSIVE in the vibes department!” 

Tut Tut Child

Tune: Vaults – Poison

“I have had this song on repeat for the last couple of months. It’s immersive, captivating and beautiful in its simplicity. I am really excited to hear what this band will come up with over the course of 2015, I’m expecting big things.”